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Students ready to finally spring into spring break

Hecker is a first-year magazines and writing double major and can be contacted at emily.hecker@drake.edu

At last, we’ve reached the final week before spring break. For those of you who have survived the pressure of midterms thus far, I commend you.

As the days are eagerly marked off the calendar, the excitement builds. Honestly, who among us would say that we’re not yearning for a week without tests, pop quizzes and projects? Sure, we’ll probably have some reading or some other mundane assignment to work on over break, but we’ll have seven whole days to get it done.

Until we reach the magic hour when break begins, that sadistic grindstone is our master. I envy (and despise a little) the fortunate few of you who have already completed your midterms. The rest of us will be silently stressing over our textbooks waiting for our brains to explode.

Instead of letting the grindstone rule you, take control. Don’t wait until midnight to start studying for a midterm you have at nine the next morning. I recommend the three-day study method. Day One: Review half your material. Day Two: Go over the first half again and then move on to the second half. Day Three: Reserve a few hours to go through both sections. Hopefully, spreading your studying over a few days (if not more) will help you retain the information and will keep you from tearing your hair out.

Once you get through the necessary evil of studying, you’ll be prepared for your midterms. Feel free to celebrate at this point or collapse on the floor in relief; whatever works. After you’re through with your happy dance, or with picking yourself up off the ground, it will officially be time for break.

Some of you, like me, are fortunate enough to be going somewhere on vacation. If this is the case, you’re probably bursting with excitement. Who doesn’t enjoy exploring new places? Personally, I’m just thrilled to be getting some variation in the normal school routine.

Even those of you who are just going home or hanging out here for an extra week can cut loose (not too loose, though) for a few days. Contrary to what I’ve heard from several people, a break from school does not have to result in a week’s hibernation.

Put that blanket and pillow away during daylight hours. Yes, fellow college students, I’m recommending that you don’t spend all of your leisure hours locked in a dark room. We’re not vampires (most of us anyway), so it is safe to venture outside when the sun is out.

Even if you live in the most boring town where absolutely nothing happens, you can still find something to do over spring break. For many of us, money is tight, which rules out quite a few activities. However, lacking funds does not mean you should fall victim to a black hole of boredom.

Keep yourself occupied. Do some work around the house or dorm. Get started on that great American novel you secretly have always wanted to write. Take up a hobby like scrapbooking or woodworking.

If you’re fresh out of things to do around the house, may I recommend checking out the places in your area with free admission? Thanks to this wonderful site called Free-Attractions.com, the heavy lifting has been done for you. All you have to do is select the state you’re in and voila! A plethora of options await you.

Though it may be a relief to have nothing to do for a few days, don’t just sleep the time away. I challenge you to do something constructive and new over your spring break. Chances are that it will make the time worthwhile.


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