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Past and upcoming intramurals sports are the most exciting yet

Bosco is a senior English and secondary education double major and can be contacted at haley.bosco@drake.edu.

Drake intramurals has really been here for us this winter — unconditionally. The program has the ability to offset the depressing blues of seasonal affect disorder and show us the light through moderate exercise. But even as the sun finally begins to shine, intramurals is only picking up more speed. Several managers and officials meetings have taken place for new sports in the last few weeks, and the rest of the year is filled with action. Here is what’s been happening and what’s to come for the last few months.

Just recently completed was badminton doubles — another unique favorite. Coming away with the win in the co-rec division was The Abusement Park. I tip my hat to them, as they were possibly the only team from the bracket that showed up. Their opponents were hopeful, impromptu players looking for a forfeit. The men’s winner went to Smashers. I believe their strength was being most knowledgeable of the real rules. The women’s victor was Phi Delta Chi. Perhaps their 10:45 game time wasn’t a factor after multiple late-night studying experiences.

The most recent indulgence for many of our athletes has been indoor soccer. I have boasted about the sport several times before, but this season really seems to be taking off for the best. The extra wall on the south side of the Bell Center gym has proven to be an incredible addition in this first week of play. Even after a personal rejection of the idea, my co-rec team and I willingly played and enjoyed the new set-up. The game moves as fast as it should and without the normal amount of out-of-bounds calls from the past. An outstanding amount of teams signed up for indoor soccer this year, consequently giving officials more hours but sticking one league on Friday nights to play. If you are feeling noble, the Friday night warriors could probably use a few fans to support their extreme commitment to the sport.

The next fan-favorite league around the corner is softball. Also offering a co-rec league, softball is the first sport since fall semester to get our athletes back onto the outdoor intramural fields. The managers meeting will take place next Tuesday due to a scheduling conflict with the original date. Any questions, please contact Matt Gasser.

In the past, we have seen seasons filled with nearly all rescheduled games due to inclement weather. Other issues that seem to arise around softball season are the troubles of finding people to play during possible class times and finding people to play during the week of Drake Relays. As a reminder, any presence of drugs or alcohol is completely prohibited during intramurals contests. And any sign of intoxicated play is expelled and laughed at.

In the farther future, we have our annual 3-on-3 volleyball tournament. The tournament — like badminton, racquetball and any other sport that a discouraging amount of people actually know about — takes place in a week’s time. The leagues are dividing into men’s and women’s and recreational and competitive. The tournament takes place in the last week of April during Relays Week. We are crossing our fingers for at least one team.

As for the sports currently in session, we have seen some great competition. After inspiring finishes by the basketball leagues, our athletes have grasped onto some kind of tangible motivation propelling them to succeed in what remains for the 2011-12 academic year.

Despite the seemingly unpleasant rule of not allowing floor hockey’s recreational league to play with real hockey sticks, the teams are abundant. Our personal plastic sticks have seen the worst of it, however, and we are constantly weighing the pros and cons. We would love your opinion on which hurts more: A depletion of your intramural budget after buying new sticks or a giant welt on your shin after being assaulted with a hockey player’s weapon of choice? Stay tuned for upcoming indoor soccer and floor hockey predictions.

Until next time, please play by the rules.


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