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Meet the new defensive coordinator for the Bulldogs

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Brad McCaslin, the new defensive coordinator for the Drake Bulldog football team, said that being away from his family is tough.

McCaslin has three kids (age 10, 8 and 6). They are finishing out their school years in Omaha, Neb., and will then join their dad in Des Moines. He goes to Omaha on the weekends when he can, and they use technology to connect with each other.

“We Facetime and see each other,” McCaslin said. “The kids will kiss the iPad and think that they’re kissing dad goodnight.”

Other than the hardships of being away from his family, McCaslin couldn’t be more excited about joining the prestigious Drake football program. Working with the defending Pioneer Football League champions was a draw for McCaslin, and he has always strived for excellence. He said that he is excited to work in a program that does the same.

McCaslin spent 14 years working to make the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s football program the best it could be. When the school dropped its football program, McCaslin had to move on, and Drake seemed like a great opportunity.

“It’s terribly unique,” McCaslin said about being a coach. “That’s not the only reason I do it, but it’s a unique thing to do.”

McCaslin ultimately coaches because he loves the relationship aspect and the impact he can have on people. And, of course, he loves the game.

Although McCaslin was a noteworthy wide receiver for the Hastings Broncos, he decided to become an expert on the defensive side of the ball. When he felt like he had a good handle on defense, he decided to take the next step by becoming a coordinator.

“It’s not for everyone,” McCaslin said. “There is a leadership aspect to coordination, but it just felt like the right path.”

McCaslin said that the hardest thing about making the transition from Nebraska-Omaha is being the “new guy.” He knew everything there was to know about the University of Nebraska-Omaha; he knew the team’s strengths and weaknesses. With Drake, he’s going to have to learn everything.

But, McCaslin is excited about being in Des Moines and being around all of the opportunities that it has to offer.

Originally a native of Wyoming, McCaslin graduated from Hastings College in Nebraska with a business degree and a coaching endorsement. After college, he spent two years coaching at the high school level and then became a graduate student assistant coach at Nebraska-Omaha. He then moved on to being a full-time assistant coach in 2000.

McCaslin hopes to help the Drake Bulldogs bring the PFL championship home for the second season in a row.


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