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Juried Student Exhibition kicks off its 41st year

Photo by Taylor Soule, photo editor

The 41st Annual Juried Student Exhibition is now open in the Anderson Gallery. It features media including drawing, printmaking, graphic design, installation, painting, sculpture and video. Laurel Farrin, head of painting and drawing at the University of Iowa, thoroughly juried all of the pieces. She selected which pieces were to be shown that were submitted, and she awarded eight works with high honors of the Juror’s Choice award.

Out of the 105 pieces submitted, only 35 were selected. Students were allowed to submit up to four pieces. All pieces had to have been created within the last two years at Drake. One student also received the Provost’s Purchase Award, which is chosen by the Drake art and design faculty. This piece was one that stuck out above the others in the eyes of the faculty and is a very high honor.

Yesterday, there was a reception in which President David Maxwell and his wife gave out the Juror’s Choice awards.

Interim Provost Susan Wright gave out the Provost’s Choice Award; Drake University will buy this person’s work, and it will become part of the permanent collection at Drake. For the next year, this piece will be proudly displayed in the provost’s office.

The exhibition opened yesterday with the reception from 1-3 p.m., and it will remain open through March 30. This is something that all Drake students would highly benefit from attending. Ever wonder what all of your art major friends actually do? Why they spend hours and hours in FAC and the Studio Arts Hall?

This is your opportunity to find out and to support all of these students’ hard work and talent. There are some truly incredible pieces. Students have put a lot of time and effort into their pieces, and it means a lot for them to be recognized by the Drake community as a whole. The Anderson Gallery is located on the ground level of FAC. It is definitely worth checking out. This exhibition is different from others because it is your peers’ work. Some pieces include:

The Cartographer’s Puzzle by Nora Kreml

Urban Arteries by Jane Lundberg Clowser

Hummingbird and Flower by Stephanie Werning

Unique by Emily Hartley

Futurist manifesto by Nicole Sternhagen

Fairy Tales by Meanz Chan

Zoantharia II by Kiersten Lutz

Detroit Project by Padraic O’Connell

Rhetoric of Psychological Space by Aaron Johnson

Anachronism by Sandra Tomer

Honest Abe by Lizzie Callen

These titles make one very curious as to what kind of art lies behind the names. Take an hour away from playing Words With Friends and check it out.

For any questions, contact Heather Skeens, gallery director, at heather.skeens@drake.edu.


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  1. Molly B March 5, 2012

    Nine works were awarded Juror’s Choice, not eight.

  2. Sandy March 7, 2012

    More photos please…

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