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Drake students honored with ADDY awards

Photo courtesy of Dorothy Pisarski

Judges from Philadelphia, Atlanta and Houston gathered in Des Moines to assist the American Advertising Federation of Des Moines last month in determining winners of the annual ADDY Awards. Nearly 300 works were evaluated with only 25 Gold ADDY scholarships being awarded. Senior Kathleen Moore was awarded one of these awards for her “Branching our Florist” logo.

A silver award was granted to sophomore Monica Worsley. She created a poster called “All the campus in a flower,” modified from a picture she took here on campus.

“It was extremely impressive for our senior Kathleen Moore to be awarded a Gold ADDY,” said Dorothy Pisarski, assistant professor of advertising.

Pisarski also said that the competition was extremely competitive.

“A student campaign that was in Kat’s category was done in a very impressive fashion with a superb design on a special type of eye-catching paper,” Pisarski added. “I would have assumed the judges would have loved it…each of the judges caught the one type on that page. That campaign earned 3 points out of a possible 300, which of course put it way out of the running for any award.”

In addition to these awards, the AAF also awarded two scholarships over the course of the ceremony, both of which were awarded to Drake students. Junior advertising major Jaclyn Ingmand received the Terry Stoffer Scholarship while sophomore advertising major Zachery Schrom was awarded the Wesley Day Scholarship, both for advertisements depicting their growth as advertising students.

“I chose to create a movie trailer. I took various home videos that I had captured throughout the years and put them together to form a trailer or my life, basically,” Ingmand said.

The scholarships are presented during the ceremony to grow awareness of the recognized students among the professional community, Pisarski said.

“In previous years, I have seen one of the scholarships go to a Drake student,” she said. “This is the first year that both scholarships were won by Drake students.”

Ingmand said that she will cherish her selection for the award.

“I was very honored to receive the award,” Ingmand said. “Being chosen by a well-known professional in Des Moines…was definitely an honor. I never expected an experience like that.”


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