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Cereal meets waffle for breakfast treat

Photo: Hilary Hamilton

Kramer is a sophomore broadcast journalism major and can be contacted at mackenzie.kramer@drake.edu

Hamilton is a sophomore advertising major and can be contacted at hilary.hamilton@drake.edu

We miss having cereal at our availability throughout all meal times, so when we have the opportunity to use it, you better believe that we are going to put it in everything. This week, our beloved waffle was no exception.

First, get around a half-cup of Honey Nut Cheerios and begin crushing them. Once you are satisfied with the consistency, mix them into some waffle batter. It may seem obvious, but stirring plays a vital role in this mixture. Make sure you do it with justice. Then (spoiler alert), make the waffle with the batter you just mixed.

While you’re waiting for it to cook, start chopping a banana into beautiful slivers. We like our food pretty. Also, steal the bottle of honey located with the condiments back by the panini maker. While you’re back there, grab some more Honey Nut Cheerios.

When the waffle maker starts making that horrible screeching noise, please promptly retrieve it. Nobody likes a person that lets that beeping go on. Once you have the waffle in possession safely at your table, it is time for the toppings.

Place the bananas in an aesthetically pleasing way (the more the better). Then, keep it going by garnishing it with even more Honey Nut Cheerios and drizzling it with the honey. Lastly, don’t forget to put the honey back. We’re probably looking for it.

Next time the omelet line is too long and you know your friends are probably going to leave you because you are taking forever, there is something easy you can make in a timely manner. Not to mention, they will be impressed by your food creativity.

That’s all, folks,

Hubbell Trouble


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