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Allocations dominate Senate debate before break

When students return to campus after break, they may notice a lot of Student Senate spirit on campus.

In their last meeting before break, Student Senate passed a ‘Senate Promotion Day’ resolution. Senators are asked to wear their Senate t-shirts and “post a statement on a social media site informing students about what they have gained from their experience in Senate.”

Senators hope the day will get students excited about the upcoming elections. The resolution passed by unanimous ballot.

Another motion getting full Senate support was the Drake Dogtown After Hours Funding Allocation. The event was allocated $2,500 to cover artist fees in the hopes that the Dogtown After Hours Committee will secure a contract with VH1 Epic Proportions Tour.

Another funding allocation, however, did not receive as much Senate support.

The Student Fees and Allocation Committee recommended Senate to allocate the Gung Fu Club $500 to cover a portion of the instructor fees associated with the spring semester.

Senators were confused as to why the club was coming to Senate so late in the semester for funds to pay for instruction that has been occurring since the club began last October.

“I do think this is being retroactively looked at,” Sen. Amanda Lauren said. “And that’s not fair to the student body.”

Some senators also expressed concern that Gung Fu Club has no actual contract with their instructor.

“If there’s no actual contract, I’m not sure I feel this is legitimate,” Vice President of Student Activities Jessica Hamilton said.

Despite disagreement, the motion passed 14-4 with 5 abstentions.

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