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Sixteen ounces, and glass still full

Photo: Joey Gale

Have you noticed anything different at the Quad Creek Cafe recently? At the end of the fall semester, Drake Dining rolled out a new fountain drink cup. What was once a large 20-ounce cup has now downsized to a 16-ounce cup. Around campus, there seems to be much talk of the new cup size.

“If you are sitting over there, it isn’t a problem, but those who take it back…it is like three long sips, and you’re thirsty, and that is it,” said Intisar Nasir, a sophomore actuarial science major. He also noted that he hears from many students who don’t care for the smaller cup.

However, some students don’t seem to mind too much about the changes. TJ Mitchell, a sophomore marketing and management major, said that he doesn’t see the issue with the smaller cups.

“I don’t mind the changes,” he said. He added that he understands it saves resources and money by switching to smaller cups.

Dannie Crozier, the general manager of Sodexo dining services, said that the smaller cup provides a two-fold benefit. For one, the smaller cups create less waste — of the cups, soda and of ice. This, in turn, is better for the environment and for the overall costs.

“Honestly, students tell me ‘nice work’ on the smaller cups,” Crozier said.

He added that the ice machines at Quad Creek Cafe no longer run out of ice like they used to because there is less waste, and many students complimented him on it.

However, that doesn’t change the opinions of students who are used to a larger cup with unlimited refills. Even the new size only means a few more trips to the soda fountain. Eventually, just like when Facebook changes, students will get used to the cup change and almost forget what it was like to have the old cup.


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