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Portion of Forest Ave. to be renamed in honor of Mr. Drake

Photo courtesy of Drake Athletics

For years, many people have known Paul Morrison as Mr. Drake. Morrison has served many roles around campus, from student to resident historian.

The Des Moines City Council recently approved Drake University’s latest effort to honor the man who continues to bleed blue.

At a ceremony this Wednesday, a portion of Forest Avenue stretching between 25th and 31st Streets will be renamed Paul F. Morrison Way. This honor has been selectively granted in past years by the city council, giving added weight to the momentous event.

For many, Morrison is a common name heard around campus, but often not so well understood. Many students today are in the dark regarding his 78-year affair with Drake University.

Morrison graduated from Drake in 1939 after serving as sports editor of both The Times-Delphic and the since-discontinued yearbook Quax. In 1945, he returned to Drake as director of the Drake News Bureau, bouncing around news and sports until his retirement in 1986.

Since then, Mr. Drake has remained a familiar face around campus. At 94, he volunteers as a historian for the athletic department. He is often interviewed regarding both the fascinating and the mundane. He has received awards and defined awards, and he continues to be a force on campus. This new street and sign will bolster his place not only in the Drake community, but also in the city of Des Moines.


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