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Drake alum, Beth Ann Deadmond takes part in bacon festivities

Photo courtesy of  Beth Ann Deadmond

The TD talked to Drake alum Beth Ann Deadmond who participated in the Bacon Queen Contest.

Why did you want to do this?

Honestly, all of my friends know that I love bacon and someone posted it on my Facebook wall and said I should do it. She probably meant it as a joke but I was like Hell yeah, I’m gonna do this.

What is your favorite bacon (and why)?

This summer I discovered the Des Moines Bacon Company’s Smoked Chipotle Bacon at the farmers market, and have been in love ever since. I’ve eaten it by itself, on a burger, in a dip, with breakfast and even on pizza! Its versatility is amazing.

Favorite way to cook bacon?

My favorite way to cook bacon is on the grill. Of course, the flavor of cooking something on the grill is awesome, but that’s not the only reason. The mess is usually much less when it’s done on the grill and the experience of being outside grilling is amazing too.

Favorite beverage to accompany bacon?

My favorite beverage to accompany bacon is an orange-pineapple mimosa. It’s light, delicious, and refreshing and never masks the flavor of the bacon.

Favorite memory of bacon?

When I was 13 my aunt had me over for a sleep over filled with things that I wasn’t allowed to do at home. I got to IM boys online late at night, watch “American Pie” for the first time, and in the morning all we ate for breakfast was 2 pounds of bacon. It was the perfect way to top off a scandalous weekend.

Why should you be the next Bacon Queen?

Of course loving bacon is a requirement of the Bacon Queen, but I believe that she should also be classy, sassy and fun — three characteristics that I always embody in my love for bacon.


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