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Drake student goes viral with YouTube hit

Photo from YOUTUBE

In case you missed it, Drake junior Matt Haupert has gone viral.  Haupert’s video “Aaron Rodgers Tribute – I Could Be Your Jordy” has over 40,000 YouTube views and has been highlighted on major news and sports sites.  The Times-Delphic sat down with Haupert to get the behind-the-scenes details on his recent claim to fame.

Q: How did this whole video gain such popularity?

A:  We finished the video the Saturday of break (Nov. 26) and then came back to school on Sunday. He finished up some editing with music on the computer, so the video didn’t get posted until last Friday night. Saturday (Dec. 3), it had around 300 views, and we were like “this is so cool,” and all our friends were watching it. Then by the next day, it jumped up to around 2,000, and there was an article that said “watch creepy fans Packers video.” But then the next day, it jumped up to close to 20,000, and it was on the Sports Illustrated website, ESPN’s website, CNN online and ESPN tweeted about it. There are tons of comments, tons of likes and all these people are saying things about how this is like reinvigorating their crush on Aaron Rodgers.

Q: Why did you want to make a video like this?

A: It was me and my friend from high school, Payton Sterba, and we formed a two-person comedy band in high school, and we’ve been making songs and videos.  We figured the Packers are undefeated, Aaron Rodgers is having a great season and he’s one of the greatest players in the NFL, so we thought we’d do a tribute to him. First, we wanted to do a rap, but then we realized we don’t have a lot of rapping ability. So we decided we wanted to do a praise and worship video about how much we love Aaron Rodgers. We thought it would be funny, so that’s why we picked that genre.

Q: Have you ever had a video become this popular?

A: We have two other videos online and some live performances. To put this in perspective, our next highest view count has about 2,200 views and that has been up for a year. Now, our Aaron Rodgers video has around 40,000 views. It’s definitely our most popular song so far.

Q: When did you decide to do this?

A: We had the idea for a long time to do a Packers video. Last season, we went to the Packers/Giants game where they won big, so we were super excited after that. We were planning our next album and wanted to make a song about the Packers. We had that idea and both kind of forgot about it. But then we kind of brought the idea back up this semester when the Packers got really good, and we were like “we’re missing a big opportunity if we don’t put it up right now.” We saw all these other videos that weren’t even that original, so we thought we could do something at least that good and make a little bit of attention for our band. So the week before Thanksgiving break, we planned to do it over break and thought it would be good to do it then since they’re undefeated.

Q: What has it been like having a video that’s this popular?

A:  Now, my Facebook page is exploding. It’s like I get to feel like I’m famous. We’re going to carry on with the plan we’ve had, and we’re hoping this will get us more attention. Our other CD is full of songs with similar humor, and we’re working on our next CD. We’re working on it slowly, doing it song by song, and over Christmas break we’re hopefully getting a video done.


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