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Grad to discuss life after college

There is life after Drake, and the Drake Undergraduate Science Collaborative Institute is making sure students understand the importance of that by presenting its annual “Life After Drake” Series.

This series, held annually beginning in 2006, gives students the opportunity to meet alumni from the math and science fields at Drake.

Tomorrow from 7-8 p.m., Todd Janus, a 1977 Drake graduate and the director of clinical research at Iowa Health – Des Moines, will present a lecture called “Life in Science and Medicine after Drake.”

While at Drake, Janus majored in chemistry and biology and went on to receive his Ph. D. at Northwestern University.

The Faculty Advisory Board and the Student Advisory Board choose many of the speakers for the series. Each board contains six representatives from a variety of disciplines of science at Drake.

Junior Kaila Swain, president of the Student Advisory Board, said she is excited about what the “Life After Drake” series can do for the students.

“The alumni that we bring for ‘Life After Drake’ are very successful people,” Swain said. “We want the students to have hope of what their Drake degree can bring them.”

Janus has made many efforts to help increase patient rights in his hospitals and other medical centers around the nation.

“I am very excited to hear more about him,” Swain said. “He helped change the law last year to increase patient rights. I am interested to hear what he did, and what law was changed.”

If you would like to listen to Janus speak, visit the Performing Arts Hall at Harmon Fine Arts Center tomorrow night. After the event, free refreshments will be provided. Many of the science courses are offering extra credit for students who attend this event.


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