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Art kit allows couples to be creative while being intimate

Think of the best date. Maybe it’s flowers at the door, candles at the restaurant and then paint in the bedroom. Think creative. Swirls, colors and white space. It’s art. It’s love. It’s art made while making love.

“Love is Art” is a kit that comes with products for a couple to safely make art while being intimate. In four to 10 business days, couples can have everything they need for a new piece of art.

Jeremy Brown, an artist born in South Africa, was inspired to create “Love is Art” by 1960s pop-art influences.

“In college, I had read about a 1960s French artist named Yves Klein,” Brown said. “He would use naked bodies as paint brushes to create abstract works of art. This sparked the idea of creating an abstract painting while making love on a canvas with my girlfriend at the time.”

The paintings create a memory that captures the beauty of an intimate moment, in a safe, sanitary way.

“Needless to say, we had a great time, and the painting looked great in our condo,” Brown said. “Funny story; she’s now happily married, and the painting is still hanging in her home.”

A friend asked where he got the painting, and then asked for everything she needed to create the art with her husband on their anniversary.

Doesn’t paint get everywhere and ruin the bed? The kit includes an 80-by-90-inch plastic sheet to protect surfaces and a 54-by-41-inch, non-allergenic canvas. The kit instructs users to pour the four ounces of paint on the canvas and spread the paint across it for an individual painting.

Shower shoes and a body scrubber are also included so couples can create art in the shower.

“A fun and bonding portion of the entire process is the clean up, and getting to take a shower or bath with your partner and helping to wash each other,” Brown said.

After the paint dries, take the canvas to a local art shop to have it stretched over another canvas.

Brown is looking to expand his product line to more than the black and blue colors the kit contains.

“The next edition will come with a black canvas, gold paint and one gram of 24-karat gold flakes to sprinkle over the canvas while the paint is still wet.”

For couples who don’t jump on the idea right away, the kit includes information for skeptics.

“The kit provides not only a cool-looking, one-of-a-kind abstract painting that acts as a reminder of the experience, but it also provides a fun project for couples to work together as a team on,” Brown said.

Brown said he wants to take art and love across the nation with the 2012 Love is Art Project tour. The 10-city tour will feature between 12-20 local, anonymous couples whom created their own art.

“The couples will be chosen with zero barriers to race, gender, sexual orientation, age, heritage or religion,” Brown said. “There will be a brief demographic description of each couple next to each painting, with all of the paintings having the same title: love.”

Brown said he wants to show that once labels are removed, love is just love.

“Love is a unique, unifying force in all of us,” Brown said.

Fall in love with Love is Art:

Website: http://www.loveisartkit.com

Facebook: Love is Art Kit


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