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TKE Philanthropy: Smash for Cash

This week, Tau Kappa Epsilon, or more well known as TKE, is holding its philanthropy.  Philanthropies have become an increasingly important aspect of several of Drake’s organizations, including TKE.  The Times-Delphic talked to TKE’s philanthropy chair, junior Shawn June, to find out more about what TKE will be doing.  Read on to learn about the fun and unique event the fraternity will be hosting this week.

Q: What will TKE’s philanthropy week entail?
A: Wednesday (we had) serenades at the house, and throughout the week we’re selling T-shirts. We’ll be selling shirts from 12-2 (p.m.) on Wednesday and Thursday. Each shirt is $10. Then on Friday, we’ll have Smash for Cash, which is a car smash at our house. Participating in serenades, buying T-shirts and coming to the car smash will all be worth points. We’re doing our best to make it competitive by creating more and more hype. We want people to be competitive, but above all the competition we want them to know that it’s going to a good cause.

Q: What will the money made from the week be going toward?
A: St. Jude is our No. 1 organization, and this is the largest scale thing we’ve done for them. We’ve basically done just donations and community service for them in the past.

Q: Where did the idea of having a car smash come from?
A: It was my creative idea, and it was just something that I got to happen. It was just a random thought, and we researched it and found that other TKE houses across the country have done it before. Some houses have tried and never really saw the light of it. Myself, our (senior) president Jarrad Emanian and our chapter advisor Mike Vogel have been working hand-in-hand to get this to work for our house and for Drake.

Q: Where are you getting the car?
A: I went to high school here in Iowa, in Ottumwa, and I grew up on a farm.  Growing up in a farm area, there are just cars that are no longer used so knowing farmers and having those connections is helpful. The car will be transported here Friday at noon and when the event is over, it will be transported out. All of the arrangements are taken care of.

Q: How is the car smash going to be safe for participants?
A: People will line up, sign in at a table and make sure they have gloves, goggles and safe attire. Safety is first and foremost. All of the fluids will be out of the car, the airbags and tires will be deflated — we’re taking all the safety precautions necessary.

Q: What will the actual Smash for Cash event be like?
A: It’s going to be a lot of fun. We’ll have two rubber mallets and a sledgehammer, and when the person ahead of you is done smashing the car, you go in and smash it. We’ll also have neon paint to spray the car if people want to. We’ll be playing music to keep it going, so it should be a lot of fun. Everybody should be here. How often do you get to say that one of the Greek houses at your school had a car smash? I challenge people to be here, to support Drake and support the cause.


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