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Registration woes? Woes be gone!

1. Talk to your advisors
Nothing is worse than going into your registration time without talking to your advisor about what classes you need to take or how many credits you have left to graduate. Not only that, your advisor could know some handy tips for what classes to avoid or to take based on your major.

2. Know your registration time
There have been many a story told about not waking up in time for registration. Check out the list on the Drake website (or ask your advisor) to find out when you register and what time. Set copious amounts of alarms just in case.

3. If you don’t get into a class, get onto the waitlist
Being waitlisted isn’t as bad as it seems. There is a function to enroll in the class as a “waitlist” so you find out when someone drops the class or if the professor opens it up for more students. Also know the restrictions on classes that you can and cannot take.

4. Keep a list of the classes you need for your major
You need to know what classes you have to take before you can graduate. There is nothing more angering than finding out you’re behind in classes because you didn’t look at the checklist you were given.

5. Figure out your schedule ahead of time
Seriously. Do this. Write out the course numbers so your registration process is as smooth as possible. If you know your course numbers, then all you have to do is input the numbers and you’ll be done in no more than two minutes (hopefully).

6. If you don’t know, ask!
Honestly, if you don’t know, or are confused, just ask. Most students are willing to help. We’ve all been there; we understand that registration is a pain. Talk to upperclassmen or your peers in your major and find out what professors are awesome and what electives would fit you best.


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