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Paranormal researcher to discuss ghost hunting

This coming Halloween season, students have a lot more to look forward to than excessive candy and eerie decorations. The Student Activities Board will bring Chris Moon, a paranormal researcher, to campus today from 7-9 p.m. at Pomerantz Stage to kick off the spooky week.

Moon has definitely made a name for himself in the world of the supernatural. His repertoire is impressive, ranging from features on television programs such as NBC’s “Today Show” and the Travel Channel’s “Most Extreme Places to Stay” to multiple nationwide radio broadcasts.

He is also the co-founder of Haunted Times Magazine and runs Ghost Hunter University, a nationwide program that seeks to formally educate the public on the paranormal. Sessions of the program are held at haunted locations across the United States and cover the basics of ghost hunting protocol.

Moon’s presentation will include stories of his experience as a “ghost hunter,” and he will seek to convince students of the real nature of the paranormal. Moon plans to discuss the equipment used in the field and present evidence of the supernatural. He also typically engages students in an interaction with the spirits themselves using the “telephone of the dead,” a device that utilizes electronic voice phenomena evidence. It has been instrumental in Moon’s previous research.

“Chris Moon is going to give an interactive presentation about his past experiences with supernatural beings and hopefully open the eyes of students to the unknown and unfamiliar,” said junior Keely Huting, co-chair of the SAB event.

Moon discovered his passion for the paranormal at an early age. He faced his first paranormal encounter at the age of seven and began witnessing strange nightly happenings at his home, including a 100-year-old piano that played tunes by itself. Several years later, Moon came to realize his distinct sense for the supernatural. A self-proclaimed paranormal medium, Moon began conducting paranormal investigations as a young teenager. After years of studying the paranormal, however, Moon decided to expand his mission and to reach out to the public. He now conducts sessions that connect the public with deceased loved ones. He performs public and private paranormal readings to those wishing to connect with their lost relatives or friends, and he is often surprised by the comforting messages sent by the spirits.

Now, Drake students will get a chance to experience this paranormal interaction themselves. This isn’t the first time Drake’s campus has been visited by a paranormal expert.

“Last year, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, another supernatural investigator and ghost hunter, was brought to campus, and we had a great student turn out, so we hope to have the same turn out this year as well,” Huting said.

There is no admission cost for students. The event isn’t intended to be extremely scary or frightening.

“It is meant to be a fun, interactive, informational and entertaining event to get students in the Halloween spirit,” Huting said.

Other Halloween themed events sponsored by SAB include a Halloween Cooking Show, which will include a pumpkin decorating contest and prizes for the winners.


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