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Musical comedy comes to DSM

Staying on campus over Fall Break? Need something to distract you from those long hours of homework (or boredom)? Students of Drake University, look no further than downtown Des Moines, which, for this week only, is home to the hottest nightclub in the nation.

The Des Moines Civic Center is debuting the smash-hit musical “La Cage Aux Folles”. World-renowned as one of the most entertaining musicals Broadway has ever produced and winner of 16 international awards, “La Cage” is the story of two nightclub owners and life partners, Georges and Albin. Georges emcees at La Cage while Albin is the star performer, a fabulous drag queen by the name of Zaza. Their drag club and glamorously gay lifestyle are threatened, however, when Georges’ son brings home his fiancée and her extremely conservative parents. The ludicrousness that ensues afterward is, as you may predict, just as fun, fabulous and heart-warming as the men themselves.

Georges is played by Golden Globe-winner George Hamilton, known for his movie roles in “The Godfather: Part III”, “Zorro”, and “Love at First Bite”. Albin is portrayed by none other than Christopher Sieber, known for his performances in such Broadway hits as “Shrek”, “Spamalot” and “Chicago”. Though not the original cast, these men promise to deliver in the show’s third national tour launch.

“La Cage Aux Folles” begins Tuesday Oct. 11 and continues with eight shows through Sunday Oct. 16 here in Des Moines. If you are one of the unfortunate ones who cannot make it to the production this week, you can catch “La Cage” at a number of venues across the country until its tour finale in August of 2012. According to some however, there is no better reason to take a break from midterm studying. “I have three midterms to study for the rest of this week,” first-year Katie Ericson said. “But I’ve always wanted to see ‘La Cage’ and this is the perfect opportunity.” First-year Erin Mercurio added, “Instead of spending hours procrastinating on Facebook, why not procrastinate while indulging yourself in the arts?”

Speaking of the arts, you certainly do not have to be a musical theatre major to enjoy “La Cage.” If you like to laugh, this is the musical for you. With catchy advertising taglines describing the production as “ a tuneful and touching tale” with “hummable melodies and a dynamite cast,” “La Cage” appeals to audiences of any age, background and interest level. Tickets for all shows start at the low price of $20, perfect for cash-strapped college students.

By now, you’ve run out of excuses not to go see “La Cage Aux Folles.” So gather your feather boas and high heels ladies and gentleman, and as the official “La Cage” website playfully assumes, “See you there, Darlings!”


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