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Local haunted park draws crowds

If you’ve watched TV or walked into a store lately, you know Halloween is upon us. Though traditionally this means a dance or fraternity and sorority parties, there’s another option. Sleepy Hollow Sports Park holds a haunted park. It’s one of the largest in the Midwest and takes place every October.

Sleepy Hollow has many attractions. There are three haunted houses: the less frightening Castle of Blood, Chaos for a humane scare, and the traditional Nightmare Estates. Make sure you’re ready for these houses. Sleepy Hollow admitted chaos was “responsible for ‘accidents’ requiring a change of pants.”

There are also two haunted walks. On Twisted Tales, traditional stories have sick plots. In Zombie Shootout, the walking dead attack, and you’ll have a fake gun to shoot them with.

On Oct. 27, the Sleepy Hollow film competition  will take place and will recognize the competing horror movies.

These are the charged events, but there are other free activities including a 3-D gallery based on alien attacks. There is also a fog maze that’s a low scare, along with a horror movie mausoleum. As the park said, “Old horror movies never die, they just get put on display at Sleepy Hollow!”

The park has three general admission prices. There’s the Do It All package where everything’s available for $25 plus tax. On the 27th, it’s $20 due to the film fest awards. This is the only package that includes the Zombie Shootout. However, if you don’t have an urge to do all the houses and walks, you can go with the Pick 3 package for $19 plus tax. There’s a Low Scare package as well, which involves the Castle of Blood, fog maze, and 3-D gallery. The Scream Park doesn’t take credit cards, but they have an ATM on site. Also, the park has rates for groups over 15 people. This lowers the Do It All package to $23 plus tax, the Pick 3 to $17 plus tax, and the Low Scare to $13 plus tax. Though they’re not included in the entrance fee, food will be offered at several shops, including the Two Wenches Coffee and Chocolate, Viking Pavilion, and Ye Olde Smoothies.

These events are all available on Oct. 14-15, 20-23, and 27-31 from 7 p.m. to midnight. At 6 p.m. on Oct. 20, the park will have a Run of the Living Dead where zombies will go after the runners’ flag football belts.

Also, on Oct. 27, Drake’s Honors Program will be going to the park. Click “attending” on their Facebook page and send an email to lillian.schrock@drake.edu if you’re interested. The first 20 people to sign up will pay $5, while all other attendants will pay $10. The park, which is fairly close to Drake, is located on 4051 Dean Avenue. Sleepy Hollow suggest either reserving tickets by calling 515-262-4100 or showing up early. The Scream Park has a strong reputation so there are often long lines. If you’re into screaming or shooting zombies, see if Sleepy Hollow stands up to its reputation.


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