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Our Two Cents: 9/8/11


Street signs on campus?  Good, that’s really necessary because our campus is so big that we need signs to tell us where to go.

Now we can’t even make our own salads or get just plain pasta.  And if we want some of that good looking hypoallergenic food, we can’t even get that because we’re not ‘special students’.  Thanks a lot Hubbell.

If Rayvonte Rice and Kurt Alexander are suspended this year, our basketball season is really going to ‘sock’.  The season  hasn’t even started and the team already has cold feet.

The TD staff is very eco-friendly.  It’s quite common to find us sitting and working on the paper in dark.

Sarah Palin clearly has a way with words – “poles are meant for strippers and cross country skiers.” Well said Palin, well said.

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