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Foam party returns to Homecoming celebrations

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Several feet of foam, suds and bubbles form the dance floor. The DJ is loud, fluorescent lights are flashing and some students are expecting to be so soaked that they’ve worn their swimming suits underneath their clothes.

For the first time since 2006, the Homecoming foam dance party has returned.

The dance is hosted by the Students Activities Board and will take place on Saturday from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. on the patio on the west side of lower Olmsted. Though it is outside in the middle of fall, the foam does provide some warmth, according to sophomore SAB Band Chair Carly Kinzler.

Junior SAB Vice President Jessica Hamilton said there is also no need to worry about running out of foam.

“The dance will have a lot of foam, which will continue being made throughout the night,” Hamilton said. “We actually hire a company who comes in and creates the foam setup.”

The way it works, Kinzler said, is that the foam, suds and bubbles “are being constantly dispensed from a suspended foam machine.” The foam isn’t only on the ground, but bubbles fill the air, too.

If students want to bring cameras or phones, the SAB recommends putting them in Ziploc bags. Also, open containers or sharp objects are not permitted, Kinzler said. With all the soaps and suds, the foam dance is no place for any loose belongings.

Any student attending the foam dance party is bound to leave at least partly wet. Kinzler and Hamilton both recommend wearing clothes in which students wouldn’t mind getting soaked.

“You should choose light-weight pants or shorts and a shirt that will still be comfortable wet,” Kinzler said. “If you sit in the foam, you will get wet. But if you are there standing in the foam and dancing, your clothes will get damp and not soaking wet. The foam is colorless and stainless, but don’t wear your best clothes.”

Since only graduate students were here at Drake in 2006 to experience the foam dance, not many are sure what to expect; however, some have an idea. After all, the phrase “dance party” speaks for itself.

“I want to go because I’ve never been to one, and I’m super excited to get soaking wet with foam and have a party with all of my friends without booze,” first-year Nicole Kasperbauer said. “I love to dance, and it’s the perfect opportunity to dance with all my new college friends.”

Taking place right after the Drake football game, the party is a Homecoming celebration.

“This is an exciting new event that all students can experience,” Hamilton said. “Many students have not been to a foam party before, and the combination of foam, music and lights will be a worthwhile experience.”


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