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The finals countdown: Exams start Monday

As the Relays hangover clears and the crowd disappears, you’re realizing one terrifying fact: finals are right around the corner. The first day of exams is just one week away. Have you even touched your biology textbook since midterms?

The final exam schedule can be found in the student records section of the Drake website. Evening classes, meaning those that begin at 4 p.m. or later, follow the Evening Examination Schedule. These tests are given on the usual class meeting day, Monday-Friday, May 9-13. However, to avoid conflicts with regularly scheduled, classes those exams must take place after 6 p.m. unless special arrangements are made.

The Drake University Law School follows a different final exam schedule, listed on its website.

Overwhelmed? Undergraduate students may ask for assistance from the dean of their college with changing their individual exam schedule if they have more than three exams in the same day.


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