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Campus Media Fee debate continues

Three funding allocations were passed at Senate’s meeting on Thursday night and one new organization was recognized. However, most debate arose when a campus media fee resolution was proposed by Journalism Sen. Rachel Kauffold.

The resolution would separate Board of Student Communication funding, which funds student publications and broadcasts, from the Student Activity Fee. The new Campus Media Fee amount would be approved by both Student Senate and Faculty Senate, guaranteeing that more than one campus organization has control over funding for campus media.

“We’ve been unclear about the solution that is the best way to fund everything appropriately,” Kauffold said. “The BSC saw this solution and it would be the first step of many.”

Treasurer Nate Bleadorn raised concerns that a non-student organization, Faculty Senate, would have control over student funds.

Vice President of Student Life Byron Spears argued that having Student Senate being the only organization funding the BSC should not be seen as a problem.

“We are a campus, and students are representing those media. We are here to represent their views,” Spears said.

Many senators raised concerns that Faculty Senate did not want to take part in funding student media.

The motion failed with 19 senators opposed and three senators in favor of it. Kauffold said she will work on writing another resolution, which will exclude Faculty Senate from approving BSC funding.

Drake Honors DUH Magazine was unanimously allocated $2,207 for the printing costs of the publication. DUH Magazine will be distributed to campus later in the semester.

The Student Activities Board was unanimously approved $2,000 to go toward entertainment at Dogtown After Hours, which will take place Friday night.

Drake Colleges Against Cancer was unanimously allocated $850 to pay for rental fees and performer costs for Relay for Life, which took place Friday, March 25.

A motion to recognize Tom’s Campus Club as a student organization was tabled. The organization aims to educate and do outreach to children in poverty throughout Africa, in part by donating TOMS brand shoes to children without them, said Sen. Megan Hutcheson. However, senators questioned whether the organization was a nonprofit and what types of programs the organization would have. Senators requested to have members from the group speak at Senate next week.

Senate passed a resolution in support of the creation of a high-speed rail system in Iowa with 19 senators in favor and four opposed. The resolution is in support of a recommendation made by the Iowa Public Interest Research Group which has lobbied for the creation of a high-speed rail train between Chicago and Omaha, with a stop in Des Moines.

“I’m all in favor of this,” Sen. Seejo Valacheril said. “It’s a great step in the right direction, especially getting involved in the community.”
Sen. Laura Menendez agreed.

“It’s good not only for the state of Iowa but also Drake,” she said. “It would be great for recruiting purposes.”

Iowa PIRG will be on campus this week to meet with students.

Meeting in Brief

• FAILED: resolution to separate BSC funding from Student Activity Fee

• TABLED: motion to recognize Tom’s Campus Club as student organization

• RESOLUTION TO SUPPORT the creation of a high-speed rail system in Iowa as recommended by Iowa Public Interest Research Group

• $2,207 allocated to Drake Honors DUH Magazine for printing costs

• $2,000 approved toward entertainment at Dogtown After Hours

• $850 allocated to Drake Colleges Against Cancer for Relay for Life’s rental fees and performer costs

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