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Spring Break’s must-see movies

With only one day left before Spring Break, the whole campus is ready to breathe a collective sigh of relief to have survived its mid-terms. The buzz you got from the massive intake of caffeine you had this week may or may not have worn off, but your excitement for the relaxation and freedom the next 10 days promise should only be progressively escalating. Speaking of that freedom, what is everybody doing over Spring Break? Driving back home and chilling with the family? Flying over to Miami and having some fun in the sun with old or new friends? Staying in the dorms and catching up on that class you nearly flunked out of, while sneaking in some leisure time every couple of days? Whatever the case may be, I am here to provide you with a list of movies that will serve to enrich your Spring Break experience.


Imagine an animated movie set in the abysmal emptiness of a scalding hot desert, but one that is as crazy and as fun-filled as the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. Now, imagine a spaghetti western with talking lizards, among other creatures, and a Greek chorus/mariachi band of owls. Keep up with me here, and try to picture what the outcome would be if Gore Verbinski decided to combine these two ideas. If you haven’t yet caught on, the correct answer to that insanely tricky question was “Rango.” Featuring Johnny Depp’s amazing voice talents as the titular chameleon, “Rango” is so very absurd, and so very adorable in that absurdity, that it is impossible not to have a good time watching it. If you are headed back home for Spring Break, be sure to gather the whole family and drive down to your nearest theater to witness this riot.

Paranormal Activity

Bask in the glorious weather of some place warmer than Iowa? Check. Play an awesome game of beach volleyball with friends, or make new friends while doing so? Check. Stay in your hotel and call in room service for dinner? Check. Now, all you need is a legitimately scary movie to watch with your friends to end your wonderful day in an epic way. Take my word, and watch “Paranormal Activity” only if you are genuinely committed to scaring the crap out of yourself. This one will send electric chills up and down your spine at the most unexpected of moments, and then disturb you some more. Find this on Netflix Instant Play to get spooked with your gang, but beware. Side effects of watching “Paranormal Activity” may include either short, or if you get frightened as easily as I do, prolonged cases of paranoia and monophobia.

Some Kind of Wonderful

Are you planning to have a girly sleepover with your best friend from back home over the break? If yes, watching a teen classic like “Some Kind of Wonderful” is just the way to get started. Eric Stoltz and Mary Stuart Masterson star in this sweet romance, and although it sticks to high school stereotypes, and does not have a very original premise, you will still have a fun time. Especially since seeing these characters scurrying down deserted hallways to make it to class on time, and being sent to detention may make way for a heavy reminiscing session afterward. Plus, not much can beat Eric Stoltz (circa 1980) fixing a car with a blot of grease over his cheek. “Some Kind of Wonderful” is available on Netflix Instant Play.


If you have a thing for out-of-the-box thrillers and a high tolerance for gore, you need to type in “Oldboy” in your Netflix search bar and start watching this South Korean film instantly. “Oldboy” tells the bizarre story of a man held captive for 15 years without any explanations, and his rancorous quest to find the one responsible for it. The film is visually arresting from the very first scene, and the narrative voice manages to translate strongly into English, but the dialogue is really not where this tornado of a movie’s strength lies. No sir, its strength lies in the unrelenting way it makes a show of the protagonist’s and the antagonist’s capacity for revenge. “Oldboy” deals with some pretty scandalous subject matter, so it probably would not be very wise to watch this with any family members.

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