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Senate meeting

Senate passed a handful of funding allocations Thursday night, their last meeting before spring break. But most debate centered on a request by the Drake Men’s Lacrosse team.
The team requested $1,275.90 to help pay for vehicle rentals and transportation to attend three competitions at other schools for later in the semester. Senators asked questions and raised concern over the allocation because this is the third request by the team this year.
Vice President of Student Activities Greg Larson questioned whether the team had been collaborating with the Women’s Lacrosse team on campus as had been previously indicated, and if they had made improvements through the year. His comments that he would like to see how much the organization had raised in fundraising received resounding agreement from other senators.
Student Body Treasurer Nate Bleadorn defended the Student Fee Allocation Committee’s (SFAC) decision to support the request, saying that his committee felt “very positive” about the organization.
“This is a new organization,” Senator Dana Hansen said in support of the organization’s request. “I think it’s awesome how much they’ve done and how proactive they’ve been.”
“We have gone out on a limb for them,” Senator Kayleigh Koester said. “I feel discouraged that we have not received the type of respect I would expect from them.”
Senate approved the funding allocation by a vote of 12-10, one of the closest votes this session.
Drake Environmental Action League (DEAL) was allocated $1,000 for their Earth Jam program on Helmick Commons March 25. The vote for the allocation was unanimous. The organization had requested money at the beginning of the semester, but had not figured the proper amount of funds for outdoor lighting.
The Mock Trial team was allocated $618.66 to pay for transportation and lodging for their Regional Championship in Waukegan, Ill. on March 12.
The Malaysian Student Association (MASA) was allocated $292 to help fund their MASA Night on April 9 that will take place on Drake’s campus.
Habitat for Humanity was allocated $250 so that their organization could host a Rock-the-Block, an event where participants work on landscaping, siding and beautification projects. The event is April 30 in Des Moines and will be in collaboration with other Drake student organizations and Des Moines area high schools.


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