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Philanthropy Week

Collins is a sophomore English major and can be contacted at emma.collins@drake.edu

This year, my sisters and I brought cakes to campus (pancakes, that is.) It was so successful, raised so much money and was so fun that we’re planning on doing it again and again.

Sigma Chi has you serve them dinner (sweet deal, guys), FIJI wraps their week up with one of campuses’ most impressive parties and Kappa invites you inside for some blackjack and Texas Hold ‘Em. Greek Street raises thousands of dol­lars every year for various national and local phi­lanthropies. Tying us to the community, our phi­lanthropy weeks offer a chance for us to get the entire school involved as well. Anyone can buy a T-shirt and advertise that she started her night off right with Kappa Alpha Theta.

Establish a good relationship beforehand

When you know the other fraternity and so­rority members on the street and they respect you, then you always have a better shot. No one likes handing over the win to an ex who broke his or her heart twice or someone who stole an intern­ship. Try to rebuild burnt bridges before a new school year starts. And, if you can’t do that… try looking into studying abroad. Time heals all wounds, right?

Put some Vaseline on your teeth…SMILE

Smiling makes you happy, and happy people just don’t lose philanthropies. Looking happy to be at Sigma Chi Derby Days or a FIJI Goddess meeting will actually make you happier to be there. It’s all about the attitude. Performing skits and serenades or being auctioned off in a drag contest; it doesn’t matter what the philanthropic activity is, people who are happy to be there (or seem it) will take home the trophy. If you can’t be happy then bring something else to do. Your poli­tics flashcards, sociology worksheet or PR home­work, whatever will work.

Make ‘Em Laugh, Make ‘Em Laugh!

Who wouldn’t want to buy a group of gui­tar playing, OutKast singing FIJIs? Or a private exchange party with the men of Yellow House? Especially when the guys on stage are laughing at themselves right along with the audience. Not taking yourself or your house too seriously keeps the tone light and fun. Philanthropies are for good causes, but reminding people of that every five minutes can dampen the mood. Have events that would be successful without the philanthropic backbone and it will be easier to win and raise more money.

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