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Basketball champions crowned in intramurals

Law and Order vs. Pi Kappa Alpha

Law and Order prevailed 57-55 over Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike) on Monday night during the all-university basketball championship game at 10 p.m. in the Knapp Center. The law students and fraternity brothers battled to the last second to determine this year’s intramural champions for men’s basketball.

Both teams were in first place of their respective leagues, with Pike capturing the fraternity title and Law and Order winning the men’s A championship. Initially, Law and Order maintained a noticeable lead over Pike. After regrouping, Pike managed to put points on the board to make the halftime score 39-29 in favor of the law students.

In a very competitive second half, Pike closed the gap with strong shooting from the field. The teams were tied with less than two minutes left to play until Law and Order added two points. With one second left in the game, Pike called a time-out.

After a successful inbound a Pike player got off a shot before the buzzer. The shot did not go in.

As Law and Order enjoys its new title, the men of Pike are left pondering whether they really thought they could win when messing with the law.

Delta Gamma vs. Kobe

The Drake women’s soccer team demonstrated its basketball skills in the women’s intramural basketball championship game at 9 p.m. on Monday night in the Knapp Center.

Kobe, a team composed of Drake soccer players, defeated Delta Gamma’s basketball team. Kobe maintained a significant lead the whole game and was named the 2011 champion with a final score of 36-15.

Guess it just goes to show that team Kobe can hoop it up like Kobe Bryant, who now has inspire soccer players to win on the basketball court.


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