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Packers bring Lombardi Trophy back to TitleTown


When Charles Woodson addressed the team after its NFC Championship victory over the Chicago Bears, he mentioned that since President Obama didn’t want to come to the Super Bowl, that the Green Bay Packers would visit him after winning the whole thing. And now they are. After their Super Bowl victory over the Steelers, the Packers added their 13th title to the trophy case, and none was as tumultuous as this.

With injuries left and right, the Packers fought their way into the playoffs by winning their last two games against the New York Giants and the Bears. We’ve all heard that in the playoffs, anything can happen, and anything did this year. From Seattle’s upset of the New Orleans Saints, to the New York Jets heart-thumping thriller with the Indianapolis Colts, none were as amazing as Green Bay’s three consecutive road victories.

When Ben Roethlisberger’s fourth down pass fell incomplete with 59 seconds left in the Super Bowl, the largest fan base in the world breathed a sigh of relief, or shed tears of joy, as their team won their first title since 1997.

In a season filled with unlikely heroes, it was only fitting that the Packers’ fourth wide receiver had the biggest game. Jordy Nelson’s nine catches were a game high, as were his 140 yards.

And don’t get me started on Aaron Rodgers. He has made the world forget about that Favre guy with one of the greatest postseasons ever. He had the highest rating ever for the playoffs, and now has just as many championships as Brett Favre. I shudder to think of what he’ll do next.

Now, this was a great season all around for the NFL. I look forward to next year, providing that there is football. But while the commercials were mediocre, and the halftime show bombed, the game itself was entertaining until the very end. From Nick Collins’ interception return to the final kneel down, this was a game for the ages, and two of the most respected teams of all time gave everything they had to compete in the big game. Congratulations go out the Packers and the Steelers, and I cannot wait for the draft and next season as Green Bay tries to repeat as champions.


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