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Networking opportunity will be casual, fun

Looking to network and gain business contacts in the Des Moines Area? Then this event is for you. The Coalition of Black Students (CBS) and African Students Association (ASA) are holding a joint networking event with a casual air to it. It will take place this Friday Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. in the conference rooms 310 and 311 in Upper Olmsted. President of CBS Lawrence Crawford is excited about the prospects of the event as many professionals in the Des Moines area will be attending.

“There will be a lot of Drake grads that work for local companies–Wells Fargo, Bankers Trust–a lot from financial industries, and maybe some from Capitol Hill,” Crawford said.

It will not be a structured event but more of a free-flowing conversation in hopes that people attending will make local contacts. This event will also be business casual with food and attendees are encouraged to bring copies of their resume and business cards. If you aren’t a member of CBS, you are still encouraged to come.

With this event, CBS hopes to extend its reach across campus. Crawford also explained CBS’s role on campus.

“CBS is a multicultural and inclusive organization to provide quality programming for the black and African-American community, and also provide that programming to non-African-Americans here at Drake,” he said.

Also, according to Crawford, CBS has educational programs that are more social and cultural in nature. The networking event lies more under the social aspect. The event hopes to garner a significant number of professionals as well as students to broaden their horizons.

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