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Letter to the Editor: Faith and Marriage

This letter was written in response to an article in the Des Moines Register about marriage and not having to care for others of different faiths.
When we as Christians start making laws so just the people we want to marry can, or just the people we judge can get to the food of other services that we, Christians, are putting forth.

“What would Jesus do?”

Jesus showed love and compassion to the people He came in contact with. Even when the leaders brought to Him the woman caught in adultery, Jesus did not force them to not treat her badly. He drew in the dirt, but then He told the leaders, those of you that are without sin, cast the first stone–they left.

He never asked any of the people He healed what belief they were or if they would follow Him after He healed them. Do you think that if Jesus had made them follow Him and they didn’t, He would not have healed them? Who is your neighbor? Jesus said love your neighbor as you love yourself. Would you want the gay/lesbian  society to make a law saying that one man and one woman cannot marry? I think not.

To not give food or help to people of other beliefs is not being Christian. This, according to Jesus’ teachings, is a sin itself!

There is non perfect, even those trying to make these laws! Like President Reagan who tore down a wall! Iowa Christians, don’t build this wall!

Pastor Byk’rmark Carver


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