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Giraffe recruits new spots

The white board is covered with bright colors, squares and arrows. It’s the aftermath of a creative hurricane. The minds behind the brilliance or madness is the student-run advertising agency, Giraffe Creative.

The small business is looking for new recruits to the zoo. A creative agency needs both account and design-orientated young professionals. Focus, direction and a desire to do real work is required.

Giraffe is the brainchild of junior Jon McDonald. He began the agency on the search for something beyond basic class work. It evolved into a main team, called the “tower” and a group of  “spots” that bring the best of creative design, copywriting and marketing ideas. Giraffe recognizes that year doesn’t matter as much as drive to succeed.

“We’re looking for new hires that are the interested, engaged ones,” McDonald said. “The ones who are in class and truly can’t wait to do different kinds of projects and real-world work.”

This past year the agency has worked with a wide variety of business and projects. Clients past and current include Successful Farming, EGG the band, Bandit Burrito and Recycle Me Iowa. Their work crosses state borders into Minnesota with non-profit Feed My Starving Children and swimming supplier, Elsmore Aquatic.

Drake Law Professor, James Albert, has enlisted the team’s help with his foundations, the James Arthur Albert Foundation and ongoing work with increasing the availability of education in Belize. JAAF will be sponsoring the anticipated Belize Dance Marathon on Aprli 16.

“We’re back for another semester and we’re ready to get down to business,” McDonald said.

Those interested in applying with Giraffe Creative are advised to attend the “Find Your Spot” meeting tonight in Meredith room 124 at 7 p.m. If not able to attend, e-mail giraffecreative@gmail.com. Click to the website to learn more about the team members, clients and mission of the agency.


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