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DSM Daily brings local deals to compete with Groupon.com

Tuition, books and taking time out to go exploring the city cost money. Lots of money. Coupons that were once just for old people going grocery shopping, are now more interesting. Bright signs advertising a whole dollar off catch the eye. When the discounts are in the metro area, it’s hard to resist a bargain. Where to find such bargains without digging through the classifieds? Say hello to DSM Daily.

DSMDaily.com is a new local site that features businesses offering money off products and services. All the coupons start at a base rate of 50 percent.

Other sites such as Groupon.com feature this same e-mail tactic. The local focus of the site is the main difference. Rather than national companies, such as Barnes & Noble and Best Buy, Des Moines restaurants, cafes and shops will be offering the deals. Another advantage to the site is that deals are offered through a series of categories. Instead of getting e-mail offers for businesses of no interest, people choose categories of interest, such as restaurants/food, salon/spa, entertainment and health/fitness.

Another convenient factor is the website works on smart phones for easy access to the deal information of the day. Jeremiah Terhark, the owner of Webspec Design, LLC., the company behind the website, said in a recent press release that he hopes to increase the applicability of such a services.
“In hearing feedback from both consumers and business clients who have used similar services, we created a product that will give better value to businesses and allow customers to buy local.”

Webspec Design is also the company behind the redesign of the new Drake Law School home page, meant to be launched later this year.
The advantage for businesses to opt-in is the chance to target consumers. The site will go live in April, but consumers could begin signing up in January. An incentive to sign up is the chance to earn Des Moines gear by sending the link to others and encouraging sign ups. Build up points with each recommendation for gear like T-shirts, hoodies and even “outrageous Des Moines adult footie pajamas.”

Jon McDonald, a marketing and advertising account management major, sees the draw to the service.

“It’s like a Sunday ad, but one you get every day and don’t have to dig through the paper to get to.”

DSM Daily will also be roaming about the city. If you spot the bright “mascot” of the site, a classic delivery vehicle driving about, more deals and prizes are possible. The van will also be giving out the trendy “I love Des Moines” bracelets.

Even though the site hasn’t launched yet, stop into local locations, such as Mars Café, to pick up a DSM2BUCKS coupon for $2 free off the first deal.


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