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Bulldogs blogging from abroad

Drake University students have study abroad opportunities in over 60 different countries. During their time away, some choose to keep records of their adventures in their blogs. The Times-Delphic highlights a few of them.
Sam Kennelly, Ireland

“The sights we saw were magnificant; everything I imagined Ireland would be.  At one of our stops, we could see off of the coast and the many islands that lay before us, beautiful and magical, absolutely breathtaking.” (Entry 02/21)

Oliver Housman, England

“The spirit and electricity that runs through the air at football matches is indescribable. They appreciate the game much more than Americans do… Also, the fans aren’t afraid to let their opinions be known in quite a vocal manner.” (Entry 02/10)

Katie Weiler, Ireland

“This is the first time in my life where I’ve really been able to “sit back and smell the roses,” and it’s a lifestyle that’s taken a lot of getting used to for me. At the end of the day, that’s a lot of what Irish life is about, not boredom per se, but relaxing and enjoying life.” (Entry 01/28)

Megan Stein, New Zealand

“Every day is something different here. Although some are rougher than others, I am very thankful to be here. It is beautiful and my flat mates are so interesting. It is fun to just sit around and hear about the various activities that people are into.”(Entry 02/23)

Ian Weller, Oman

“We then got into a sing-a-long of sorts with Ali. We sang an American song in unison, he belted about Arabic love songs. Bonfire crackles and water-pipe bubbles provided the perfect background music.”(Entry 02/19)

Audrey Sova, Spain

“Life in Granada this semester has been a roller coaster. My new host dad jokes that we could write a list of things that haven’t happened to me because it would probably be much shorter than the list of things that have happened to me. I chuckle along with him, but he’s probably right.” (Entry 02/24)


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