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Resume Workshop provides students with personal feedback from area professionals

Photo: Jackie Wallentin

Resume tips from the pros:

•Use simple, everyday language. Avoid jargon.

• Begin accomplishment statements with action verbs.

• Be specific: Give examples and emphasize achievements.

• Be positive, enthusiastic and honest. Don’t exaggerate.

• Proofread for spelling and grammar errors.

• Avoid fancy type or flashy paper.

• Use key words (nouns) that describe your education, skills and accomplishments.

• Don’t fold, staple or bind your résumé.

• Avoid italics, underlining, graphics, shading, borders, bullets, lines and reverse type.

• Consider using all capital letters for headings.

• Place your name and phone number or e-mail address at the top of each page on its own line.

• Always view your résumé or send it to yourself so you know how it looks.

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