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Cooking for a super Super Bowl party

Photos: Connor McCourtney

The Super Bowl is almost here, and students are starting to think about what types of food they’ll need for their parties. Students who live in residence halls are very limited for cooking in either a microwave or the small kitchens in the halls. Preparing appetizers for the Super Bowl in the residence halls may seem impossible, but Chef Jordan showed students how they could easily prepare appetizers.

The Drake Student Activities Board sponsored the Super Bowl Cooking Show Thursday night. There were several tables to sit at with lemonade and water pitchers for students to enjoy during the show. Chef Jordan had a long table in the front with cameras getting the close-up action of everything he was cooking.

The show itself only lasted 15 to 20 minutes, and in that time, Chef Jordan prepared five dishes: turkey chili cheese fries, Rueben sloppy joes, chorizo and parmesan baked wings, spicy queso dip and sausage and sage cream cheese dip. The cameras followed Chef Jordan from dish to dish as he added ingredients and talked about the recipes. Each recipe only required four to five ingredients.

Chef Jordan didn’t spend much more than five minutes on each recipe, and his directions were given much faster than most of the students could write. No recipes were handed out either, making it difficult for students to be able to remember how to make each recipe. He also worked on multiple dishes at the same time, which made it even harder to follow what was what. Afterward, he left nearly right away, making it impossible for students to discuss dishes with him or ask more questions.

None of the dishes Chef Jordan used required more than one pan. Although he didn’t provide specific measurements of ingredients or specific cooking times, most of the recipes didn’t require complicated ingredients or instructions. These recipes could easily be prepared in the simple kitchens found in the residence halls.  Some of them could even be prepared in a microwave.

After all the dishes were finished, the students were able to pile up their plates with all the appetizers. The food tasted as good as it looked while Chef Jordan was making it, and students were excited to finally get to eat it.

During the show, SAB members quizzed the audience with Super Bowl trivia. The first student who answered correctly was allowed to pick a prize. Students were also able to sign up for a beanbag toss tournament. After the show, the teams began the competition.

Delicious appetizers are a necessity for any Super Bowl party. Don’t spend a lot of money on pre-prepared food. Instead, use some of these easy recipes for a fun, tasty Super Bowl party.

Chorizo and Parmesan Baked Wings

Equipment Needed: bowl, baking dish, oven

Ground Chorizo (a type of sausage)
Parmesan breadcrumbs
Chicken wings

-Marinate the chicken wings in the juice from the chorizo and buttermilk.
-Cover the wings with the breadcrumbs and chorizo.
-Bake until the meat of the chicken is white.

Spicy Queso Dip

Equipment Needed: saucepan, stove

1 ½ cups of heavy cream
A few slices of whatever cheese you want (Chef Jordan used American)
Premade salsa
Freshly diced jalapeños (optional)

-Melt the cheese in the heavy cream.
-Mix in the salsa.
-Add the jalapeños (optional).

Turkey Chili Cheese Fries

Equipment Needed: saucepan, stove

Ground turkey
Can of chili beans
Chili powder
Shredded cheddar cheese
French fries (frozen ones are fine)

-Cook the turkey in the saucepan.
-Cook the fries according to package instructions, set aside.
-Add the chili beans.
-Add a tablespoon or so of chili powder.
-Pour over fries.
-Add shredded cheese to the top.

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