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EGG demo launch party Friday at Copa Cavana

Little kids, when asked what they want to be when they grow up, will answer with a dream: Princess, pirate or president. These dreams are usually replaced with the practical, and suddenly a salary and stability are more important than adventure. A group of guys by the name of EGG never gave up their dreams–musicians.

They’re not set vying for rockstar status. No skinny jeans, entourage or silly groupies. Instead they’re equipped with an arsenal of real rhythms.

With its brand new, shiny, self-titled demo, the budding band is ready to take the Des Moines music scene.
The band wants to share it with everyone at the Demo Release Party Friday Dec. 10 at 9 p.m., at the sultry new Latin-inspired venue Copa Cavana (3711 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines). The venue is located a few blocks away from Drake’s campus, and for just $5, students can join the music critics and influencers of the metro. The show will be followed with an in-demand DJ laying tracks.

EGG is a fantasy band team with each aspect of the five-song demo set infused with character. Sam Mogerman, Luke Dawson, Ben Chappell, Ben Mogerman and Nick Rueckert joined forces to create a sound unlike anything else—completely unique, funk-driven pop rock.

This year Kyle Glavanovits joined the team, adding creative chords on the saxophone. He is also a regular artist jamming out smooth jazz at The Lift weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m.

Each song on the new demo is unique, meaningful and wrought with lyrical meaning. Top-played song “Alibi,” breaks the soft piano intro into hard-hitting guitar chords. Mix it with Dawson’s lyrics “Goodbye alibi, I’m sorry that I lied,” the words resonate. “Hello apathy, you never meant that much to me.”

The lead singer speaks the thoughts of the rest of the guys when he says they’re more than ready to produce a full CD.

“We are so excited to finally have a demo in our hands,” Dawson said. He would like to encourage everyone to come out for the “epic” launch on Friday. The show was also posted as a “pick-of-the-week” on the Des Moines Metromix site.

“It’s really a great venue,” Dawson said after seeing Copa Cavana for the first time. “There’s a VIP balcony where you can look down on the stage.”

Plan on getting into the show and prep for the concert in full demo style. “EGG” the album can be purchased on iTunes for only $4.95 and ignore the 1970s bio—it’s currently being updated.

The Iowa State VEISHA 2010 Battle of the Bands champions have garnered a following of music influencers from surrounding universities. With their certain success, EGG is a band to stay with. Stick upcoming EGG events on the calendar. The band will be playing at the local Mars Café, Saturday, Dec. 11, and at People’s Court Saturday, Dec. 18.

“The show with Mr. Roster McCabe at People’s Court is going to be awesome,” Dawson said with a smile.
They also earned coveted stage space at All Play and will help ring in the new year.

Another reason to get to the show on Friday? If you leave a message on the EGG Facebook wall or tweet to @EGGtheband telling your favorite song off the demo, you have the chance to win some coveted EGG swag. All entry names will be put in a drawing and winners will be picked at the show.

Want to help with promotions, get specialty show invites and free swag? The band is always looking for those select special people to be “EGG-Heads.” Join the band. E-mail lucas.dawson@drake.edu.


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