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New Subway opens up in Drake West Village

The new Subway in Drake West Village celebrated its grand opening Nov. 9. Customers enjoyed free 6-inch sandwiches with the purchase of a sandwich of equal or greater value.

The addition of the new store has brought about one particular question: Why open a Subway when there is already one on Forest Avenue? KGB, Inc., the three owners’ first initials, owns both Subway franchises. When retail space became available at West Village, the owners were excited at the prospect of building a brand new store.

KGB, Inc. admits that the Forest Subway is somewhat outdated and uninviting, and it can be a hassle to park in the location’s parking lot. There is still a 1-year lease on the store and it will continue to operate on Forest Avenue until August 2011. KGB, Inc. plans to move the store closer to the downtown Des Moines area.

Customers are thrilled about the new Subway in Drake West Village. Manager Jayme Kropf has received many compliments on its fresh and welcoming decor as well as the cleanliness of the brand new store. Sandwich cravers have also praised the location, sighting that it is much more convenient than the store on Forest.

Plans are in the works to begin accepting Bulldog Bucks, though they are still in their infancy. KGB, Inc. hopes to create a positive and friendly relationship with the Drake community. The company looks forward to being the go-to restaurant when students desire a fresh, healthy option and a change from campus food.

KGB, Inc. would like to distribute coupons to students on top of $5 foot-long deals; however, the discount and frequency of distribution are still undecided.

If you have not already done so, stop by the new Subway West Village and ask a sandwich artist to create your favorite sub.

Photos: Connor McCourtney


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