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Hellogoodbye release sophomore album “Would It Kill You?”

When Hellogoodbye released their first self-titled EP they gained a handful of loyal followers. The power pop group gained a mosh pit sized group of fans. These fans fell in love with the group’s loveable quirks, lyrics and undeniable fun-loving energy.

But now the group is looking to build a reputation built on good music. Their new album “Would It Kill You?” is looking to catch the ears of a much bigger audience.

The band formed in 2002 and three years later they were winners of MTV’s Dew Circuit Breakout contest. The group is now breaking out onto the scene once again. With new musicians, a new label and new sounds, the band is practically unrecognizable.

The compilation of exciting songs on “Would It Kill You?” is sure to leave your ears and heart saying thank you. Hellogoodbye has upheld their puppy-love lyrics that first gained their musical stardom with the hit “Here (In Your Arms).”

The happy-go-lucky love songs with simple, eccentric messages like, “and our love goes on as our hair grows long” will remind you of a time when “I want to hold your hand” was a line that left anyone blushing.

Hellogoodbye definitely pleased music enthusiasts once their new album hit stores Nov. 9. People are uncontrollably humming the loveable, airy choruses as soon as they are sent out into the airwaves.

Bouncy dance beats and, at times, a ukulele have traditionally powered Hellogoodbye’s music. The group was started in 2001 when frontman Forrest Kline began installing recording software onto his parents’ computer. The high school buddies began recording in Kline’s living room.

The friends emitted a strong chemistry that made their performances electric, which helped propel their stardom. The goofball group – who once donned sumo-suits at a performance at Concordia College – had the personality, but not the talent, to crown them as musical royalty.

Born from such humble beginnings, the band quickly made its way onto the music scene. They built up their reputation with self-booked tours and eventually signed with Drive-Thru Records. They further established their musical résumé by touring with reputable and popular bands like The All-American Rejects, Panic! At the Disco and Motion City Soundtrack.

Then the band released its first full-length album “Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!” in 2006. The album had the liveliness of an 8-year-old and, according to the title, the attention span, too. The album climbed the charts while the bubbly hit “Here (In Your Arms)” won popularity.

After the release of its first album the band continued to play gigs – like for a Relays event put on by Drake’s SAB last April. But in the ever-changing music world they had seemingly fallen off the face of the planet. Four years after their first album comes their sophomore debut, “Would It Kill You?”

These past four years have been good to the group and allowed them to mature into respectable artists. It helps that Kline has since stopped recording in his living room. Instead, he has updated to a renovated garage. Congrats, Kline. The band has also traded in old members for some that give the sound a new flair.

Their original music was not something you’d want to listen to for any extended amount of time. But Kline has done a “Touchdown Turnaround” for the group. You’ll be surprised, after you stop smiling and swaying to the irresistible tunes.

They’ve kept up the same adorable lyrics that have probably been scribbled and slipped into high school lockers on Valentine’s Day time and time again. But musically, the band has definitely matured. Kline has replaced his digitalized vocals for smooth, light and real melodies.

The band ditched digitalized recreations all together. Instead, they opted for real instruments and real musicians. Gone are the days of synthesized keyboard rhythms. Instead the album is full of quick beats of drums combined with harmonious tunes of guitars and keyboards.

The CD uses doo-wop influences with the band’s own fresh spin. As winter is approaching and days are getting shorter, and colder, you might like to be reminded of a perpetual summer. If so, this is an album you need to get your hands on. The fun lyrics and pop beats are a recording of pure sunshine.

Shell out the 10 bucks for this album. It is a bargain for the cheerful melodies.

While old fans are still applauding Hellogoodbye for keeping up their genuine, down-to-earth, adorable personalities, new fans will also be won over by their new album.

Photo courtesy of Hellogoodbye


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