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Drake Sportsmen’s Club Approved by Senate Majority

After thorough examination of procedures and processes involved, the Drake Sportsmen’s Club (DSC) was approved Thursday night by a unanimous vote in the 11th meeting of the 24th session of Drake University’s Student Senate.

“The mission of our organization is to accurately, effectively and most importantly, safely, teach the use of firearms,” said DSC member Ian Weller. “We assure you that there will be no firearms kept on campus.”

Prior to the meeting, students of DSC prepared insurance waivers, extensive information about the shooting range, policies on gun controls and an in-depth explanation on firearm law in the state of Iowa.

“They (DSC) went through all the right channels and did everything possible to have a fun and safe new group,” said Sen. Megan Hutcheson.

Weller was involved in the process of getting the new organization approved.

“We realized there was a fair amount of interest in this organization, and we owe a lot of our ability to get approved to Sen. Hutcheson – she led the charge of getting us approved with the President’s Council.”

The club currently has approximately 30 members and will base its activities at Olofson Shooting Range located north of Des Moines in Polk City.

“We’ve had a range of students interested–some that have never touched a firearm, international students that want to get a glimpse of this aspect of American culture and people who have been hunting and competing their entire lives,” said Weller.

Also during Thursday’s Senate session, Drake Anime Club and the Coalition of Black Students (CBS) were awarded one-time funding for upcoming events.

The Anime Club will host an event in the Morehouse Ballroom on Nov. 30 titled, “What is Anime?” Event attendees will have the opportunity to learn about caricature drawing, origami, different genres of anime and the history of anime. The event will also feature a screening of an anime film, with prizes and refreshments.

Members of CBS acquired one-time funding to send seven members to the 2010 National Black Student Union (NBSU) Conference Nov. 19-21 in Lincolnshire, Ill. The Student Fees Allocations Committee (SFAC) funds were allocated to cover the costs of registration, transportation and lodging at the event.

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