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Bulldog Break changes announced for next semester

This week’s Senate meeting was short and ceremonial, revolving around a controversy-free funding allocation to the Student Activities Board and the inauguration of First-Year Senator David Karaz.

President Samantha Haas made Sen. Karaz’s inauguration the very first order of business and he joined her at the front of the room in a brief, formal ceremony. Raising his right hand, Karaz repeated the official oath after Haas.

“And we have a new senator,” Haas announced as Karaz took his seat.

“The election process here was an interesting one, but I’m happy to be here.” Karaz said. “I think it’ll be helpful to have me here, to have somebody new around the table that’s coming in 10 or 11 weeks later. I can step in and say what I see from the outside and as a new student here at Drake as well.”

The first votes Karaz took part in were far from contentious, commanding 10 minutes of discussion combined.

The two motions allocated a total of $4,340.26 to cover transportation, lodging and registration costs associated with attending the 2011 National Association of Campus Activities National Convention on Feb. 19-23, 2011 in St. Louis, Mo., and the Northern Plains Regional Convention on March 31-April 3 in St. Paul, Minn.

“They serve as a great way for us to see what is out there and what we could be bringing to campus,” Vice President of Student Activities Greg Larson said.

He also told the senators about the financial advantages of SAB attending.

“One of the greatest things that these conventions offer us is a huge cost savings,” he said. He explained that artists at the conventions are already offering a discounted rate to those present.

And, when schools located near each other collaborate, they can reduce the transportation costs of bringing artists to their respective campuses.

As president of the Student Activities Board, Larson will attend both conventions. Three executive board members will accompany him to St. Louis, and three different members will go along to St. Paul.
Both motions passed unanimously and without further debate.

Also discussed were the improvements being made to Bulldog Break next semester. Vice President Byron Spears presented a slide show about the changes being made, and announced he had reserved Hubbell North on Feb. 2 for the event’s new launch. The date coincides with the Drake men’s basketball game at Southern Illinois, which will be shown on a projection screen during the event.

Larson also suggested inviting Bulldog mascot Spike to boost team spirit and morale.

The idea was met with approval from Spears. He said he liked the idea because, “the more we can do to make it an event, the better.”

Meeting in brief:

$4,340.26 – SAB  approved to attend two conventions in February and March 2011.



  1. student November 22, 2010

    It would be nice to read up on the changes that were made, instead of mentioning near the end that changes were made. The title of the article made it seem like that the article would be about the changes.

  2. JK December 8, 2010

    Does anybody know how much fundraising SAB did prior to applying for the one time funding?

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