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Brand new position of First-Year Senator to be elected tonight

Official voting began at midnight for the First-Year Senator Election. The winner will be announced at midnight tonight on Pomerantz Stage. Only first-year students are allowed to vote by logging on to BlueView. The First-Year Senator position was created last year and guidelines for the election were finalized by Senate this academic  year. Seven students are running for the position.

How have you contributed to make Drake University a high quality institution?

Name: Timothy Alguire
Major: Computer Science

I will contribute to make Drake University, a high quality institution, by taking ideas from current first-year students and bringing them to Student Senate meetings and proposing them as a way to appeal to perspective students.

Name: Eric Baker
Major: International Business

I helped found a new organization at Drake called Collegiate DECA, which is a competitive business club. Additionally, I serve as one of the two First-Year representatives in the CBPA Leadership Council.

Name: David Karaz
Major: Accounting and Law, Politics and Society

My involvement so far includes singing baritone in the Drake Choir, pledging for the social fraternity Phi Gamma Delta and working under student senate on the First Year Interest Committee.

Name: Samantha Kenison
Major: Law, Politics and Society

I currently raise money for Drake through working for Phonathon. I’m also involved in International Student Association, Rainbow Union and Mock Trial.

Name: Shelby Klose
Major: Actuarial Science

After gaining a position on my hall’s executive council, I worked with the members to plan and execute events to bring the first-year students together. I also worked with my sorority to do various philanthropic work in the area surrounding the Drake campus.

Name: Sam Meyers
Major: Biology and Psychology

I have promoted community within the class of 2014, helped with various major events and I help others whenever possible.

Name: Zachary Keller
Major: Actuarial Science

I currently serve as Carpenter Hall President and an intern to one of the Senators-at-Large.  Through these positions, I have been working to plan entertaining programs for residence halls and have also worked with the Buildings and Grounds Liaison to come up with creative ideas to improve Drake’s campus.

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