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Thinking outside the dating box

I was a high school cliché, a cheerleader dating the all-American football player. But at a high school of 400 kids, almost every guy played football. Even the theater guys played football. Never once would I say I had a “type.” I dated bad boys, class clowns, guys who could sing and guys who could shoot a bow and arrow.

But after coming to college, I realized a lot of girls do seem to date the same type of guys, each one almost a paper-doll cutout of the next. I learned a new vocabulary word when my friend got called a “jersey-chaser” because she had a thing for athletes. I also have a friend who only seems to be attracted to guys of one fraternity. So what does that make her, a “letter-chaser”? There are also those almost incestuous groups that continuously hook up with different people from their clique of friends or people on their dorm floor (floor-cest).

So is it good to have a type, to know what you want and to go for it? Or, does it rule out people that could potentially be a perfect fit? I tend to agree with the latter for one reason: picky eaters. I hated eating anything green when I was little. Corn and carrots were fine, but a green bean was repulsive. A few years down the line, and I actually find myself craving fresh salads and broccoli after one too many Spike’s burritos.

Either way, vegetables or guys, you don’t know what you like until you try out a variety of types. Carrot after carrot can be great, but you may be missing out on a really tasty cucumber.

Not to mention, most of us are in our early 20s, the age where we have no clue what we want. I can barely pick out what skirt to wear each day, let alone what I want out of a relationship. We all know at least one person that has changed their major about eight times. I think it’s safe to say our “types” will change as time goes on. If I end up 40 and single, a Samantha-type girl from “Sex and the City,” then maybe I will consider narrowing down my interests to a “type.”

Next weekend when you’re hanging out at the same frat house as every other weekend, try thinking more about that cute non-greek guy. Maybe that guy you see hanging out in FAC all the time can make you laugh harder than anyone else on the field. Make yourself a vegetable medley and discover what else is out there.


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