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Think Pink Week raises awareness at Drake

Whether you’ve had somebody you loved affected by cancer or you just feel strongly about finding a cure, Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) is there for you. This organization hosts events all year long to create awareness of as many types of cancer as possible, as well as raise money for a cure. Colleges Against Cancer has chapters across the nation, each influenced by the ideals of the American Cancer Society. Last week, Drake’s chapter brought Think Pink Week to campus, in which CAC concentrated on breast cancer and raising money for Relay For Life.

Breast cancer awareness events took place last week, but if you didn’t get a chance to participate, there’s still a chance tonight. Bowling for Boobs is tonight from 6-9 p.m. at Merle Hay Lanes. It is $10 for two games and bowling shoes, with the proceeds going to Relay For Life.

The events last week included handing out breast cancer ribbons and facts about breast cancer on Wednesday. Thursday featured a speaker named Dixie Beyers, who is a cancer survivor. There was also a streaking party Thursday night in Morehouse; a hair streaking party, that is. Participants donated a dollar to have pieces of their hair dyed pink. Friday included impromptu kickball, with the catchphrase: “Don’t let cancer steal second base.”

Drake CAC Co-President Samantha Haas has felt strongly about finding a cure for cancer since two of her grandparents passed away from the disease.

“They both led healthy lifestyles and there was no reason for them to get cancer,” Haas said.

Haas is enthusiastic about the opportunity young people have today to advance cancer treatment and ultimately find a cure.

Erin Hogan, the other co-president of Colleges Against Cancer at Drake, became involved with cancer awareness after her uncle passed away from cancer.

“I’m not very good at science so I can’t help discover a cure,” Hogan said. “This is a way for me to help the cause with the abilities I have.”

Colleges Against Cancer’s biggest event of the year is Relay For Life, which will be on March 25 and 26. If you would like to get involved, you can register a new team for $100 on relayforlife.org/drakeuniversity.

“We’re having events all year to inform students about all the types of cancer, and to get people excited about Relay For Life,” Hogan said.

Photo: Carter Oswood

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