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Signage initiatives to provide a face lift for campus

The Board of Trustees Campus Master Plan has brought about the renovation of numerous classrooms, the construction of the Hubbell North dining spaces, and beautification of the 27th Street walkway through campus over the past several years.  Beginning this fall, brand new signage will be installed to continue the beautification of Drake’s campus.

Exterior and interior building signage will accompany way-finders and informational kiosks in the next phase of the Campus Master Plan. Installation of $300,000 worth of signs, funded by Drake’s capital advancements fund and approved by the Board of Trustees in 2006, will begin this fall and be complete by summer 2011.

Matt Van Hoeck, Senator-at-Large and Buildings and Grounds Liaison to the Board of Trustees, updated fellow senators at Thursday’s meeting of coming signs.

“The signs are intended to transforms Drake’s campus aesthetically,” said Van Hoeck, “Many of the board members commented that when they went here, the campus was just a cluster of buildings in the middle of a neighborhood.  The signs will make campus look more ‘stately. The signs are classy and will look good.”

Jolene Schmidt, Director of Operations and Support Systems, added that the signs address grievances voiced by students, parents and community members over the past several years.

“There has been a complaint for years from visitors, staff members and students that the Drake University buildings are not clearly marked,” said Schmidt.

Contributors to the Campus Master Plan included not only on-campus groups of students and faculty but also off-campus groups including city officials and neighborhood residents.

Future plans for outdoor campus aesthetic improvements include a corner marker project that will lead to the installation of gateways on the four corners of campus (31st and University; 30th and Forest; 24th and Forest; 25th and University).

“The corner markers will have an impact on students coming here,” said Van Hoeck, “They will really distinguish the campus from the neighborhood.”

Plans for the granite corner markers are in the works now, with plans to approve the designs at the January Board of Trustees meeting.

Photo: Connor McCourtney



  1. Sandy Berman October 14, 2010

    I have two children at Drake University and the biggest disappointment is the very dark and depressing fitness center that is offered to the Drake students. When compared to Butler or other competing schools, fitness should play a critical role in student’s lives and is an important element on any campus. With obesity reaching sky high levels, Drake needs to offer their student body the opportunity to have a state of the art center which will help students relieve stress in a positive way and introduce a fitness discipline that will last for life. Especially with an urban school with little green space, this building should be the next addition on campus.

  2. Dominic October 24, 2010

    I agree with Sandy. The Bell Center is incredibly outdated. It’s just rough when you go to other schools and see their fitness centers and how it is leaps and bounds ahead of the Bell Center.

    But on a brighter note, better having signs than no signs!

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