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SAB No-Bake Cooking featured sweet college options

Sodexo’s Chef Jordan brought his expertise to the table for the No-Bake Desserts Cooking Show held on Tuesday at 5 p.m. in Parents Hall. The Student Activities Board (SAB) organized the event, and the Residence Hall Association and Drake Athletics co-sponsored.

Jordan asked three volunteers to help him make chocolate-dipped strawberries, no-bake cookies, scotcheroos, a chocolate mousse pie and a lemon mousse pie during the show.

Sophomore Shelby LaTona was most excited about the chocolate-covered strawberries.

“I never thought I could use fresh fruit in a dessert that I could put together in my residence hall,” LaTona said.

Jordan made all the desserts with a saucepan and a hot plate, but said anyone can use a microwave to heat up the chocolate.

First-year student Lexie Balgeman was anxious to try the oatmeal no-bake cookies.

“My sister and I used to make no-bake cookies, so I’ve had them before,” Balgeman said. “I just love them.”

Approximately 40 people came to enjoy the non-baked sweets, but it was a smaller turnout than SAB had expected.

“Though we were expecting 60 to 65 people, the food and demonstrations exceeded our expectations,” said Alex Caskey, SAB Campus Impact co-chair. “Overall, it balanced out, and turned out to be a great event.”

Caskey and co-chair Jessica Hamilton made a list of items to put on the menu. Sodexo narrowed down the list and added the chocolate mousse pie to the mix, which received the most applause from the audience when Jordan completed it.

“People think chocolate mousse is gourmet, but it is really easy to make,” Jordan said as he topped it off the pie with chocolate drizzle.

The next on-campus event for SAB will be a visit from ghost speaker, Rosemary Ellen Guiley on Oct. 26.

To view a slideshow of pictures from the event, click here.

Photos: Connor McCourtney


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