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Male perspective offered to relationship columnist Jen Calder

As I read your latest posts Jen, I find myself cranking my cocky smile once again. I feel that you are in need of great assistance, and I am willing to give you a male perspective on the situation. It’s time to reverse the role and let ladies know some things that guys want.

What I would say to an atypical female: For starters, don’t put as much makeup on (you look prettier with less); wear workout clothes more often (please); don’t play hard-to-get; I will never give up my guy friends; you can have sex with us anytime (for real: consistent and frequent is preferred); you’re really bad at faking it; ponytails are HOT; don’t argue if we call you beautiful; please note which Sportscenter we watch and plan accordingly; don’t get angry with us over frivolous things; make us laugh and do it often. Oh, and PMS is no excuse to be mean to us. All we re­ally want is manipulation-free affairs, involving timely and loving communication from self-sufficient and confident women.

Jen, I find your philosophies rather intriguing and would like to discuss them more with you at any of your favorite beverage/snack food locations.

Murray can be contacted at stephen.murray@drake.edu


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  1. G October 11, 2010

    What a stealth way to ask her on a date. Good work.

  2. Oh, that’s all men want?! A “self-sufficient and confident woman” who is willing to dress and wear her hair and makeup exactly how the man wants, make him laugh often, want sex constantly, rearrange her schedule to fit his Sportscenter schedule, and not complain about it or anything else? Well, at least I am not expected to wiggle my nose and make sandwiches appear. That would be impossible.

  3. Cate April 25, 2011

    Thank GOD you took the time to man-splain this to us women. Jen is lucky to have a suitor who obviously regards her as an equal and regails us all with the oldest female stereotypes that fit almost no one who exists in reality. I can only hope I, too, will one day find myself so fortunate.

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