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DUiN welcomes new editor-in-chief after former one resigns

Drake University Independent Newspaper, or DUiN has made some changes in staff this year and welcomes new Editor-in-Chief Molly Bochanyin. DUiN is known around campus for stirring up responses to its entertaining and satire-based content.

In past issues, the magazine has commented on Greek Life and Hubbell attire, as well as provided new and improved pick-up lines to use and hyped up stereotypes for amusing ends. Because the magazine is not for profit and not actually associated with Drake’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, some of the restrictions that are placed on publications, like Drake Magazine, don’t apply.

For example, DUiN has the luxury of using fake ads that the contributors create. They also can use Internet-based photos without fear of retaliation.

The format often doesn’t conform to usual magazine or newspaper format, but can be in different shapes and sizes.  The staff is dedicated to making the content interesting, funny and a bit edgy, but it’s called “independent” for a reason.

Rachel Kauffold, vice chair on the Board of Student Communications, commented on the new staff appointment.

“Molly Bochanyin has basically acted as the editor for DUiN since the start of the school year, and advisor Jeff Inman has nothing but high praises for her and recommended her to the BSC as the new DUiN editor,” Kauffold said.

Bochanyin was appointed after the previous editor withdrew from Drake and thus forfeited her position as editor.

The Board of Student Communications had to work fast to fill the position with the first issue coming up soon, and the need for leadership was imperative.

“The upcoming issue is close at hand, so putting out applications for editorship would be too long of a process for the tight schedule,” Kauffold remarked. “Molly was already handling things very well, so we asked her if she was willingto take the official title, as she was at the BSC meeting on Friday, and she said yes.”

Instead of going through the usual practice of appointing a new editor, Kauffold said the board moved forward quickly to get DUiN back in action.

“We suspended the normal rules of appointment and appointed her as the new editor-in-chief of DUiN,” she said.

Photo: Ryan Weeks

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  1. john November 1, 2010

    How can I get a copy/read DUiN if I don’t live in Des Moines?

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