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Drake students’ band going big before going home

When EGG the band was featured on DJ Benny Black’s radio show on 105.1 in Ames, Iowa, they met Ladysoal who was also being featured on the show.

“We played live and the whole band wasn’t there so she jumped in,” Luke Dawson said on the fast friendship the band formed with Ladysoal.

Ladysoal later played with them at Fiji on Sept. 17. She then asked them to join her and The Atudes Oct. 22 at the Vaudeville Mews for a special Halloween performance filled with costumes and fun.

Their Oct. 22 show featured Kyle Glavanovits playing the saxophone.

Two years ago when Chappell, Dawson and Mogerman began playing together, they were just having fun, writing and playing music.

Last year when Sam’s brother Ben Mogerman came to Drake, he joined in, later followed by Rueckert. Soon, the five of them were playing shows all over Iowa.

Their recent special guest, Glavanovits, played his first show with EGG at Veishea, a yearly battle of the bands at Iowa State, which EGG won last year. Glavanovits has been playing with them regularly since the start of this school year.

The band jokes that their sound is “ funk-German, pop-rock” but they really are just a mix of everything.

“I like their style of music,” Glavanovits explained, even though no one can quite define what it is.

Another thing that no one can define is what EGG stands for or even means.

In the past year that EGG has been playing together they have come a long way. Mogerman reflected on one of their first shows at the Vaudeville Mews almost a year ago. With not many people in the audience, he described it as their worst show ever.

This was not the case on Oct. 22, as the concertgoers and artists alike adorned Halloween costumes, prepared to start the Halloween season.

Before the show, EGG and the other bands, Ladysoal, and The Atudes, made up of many Drake grads, joke around back stage.

The carefree atmosphere was contagious and soon DJ T-Wrecks began to amp up the audience. The Atudes then took the stage, joking around with the audience. Ladysoal followed The Atudes as the crowd got even more pumped.

By the time EGG hit the stage everyone was excited. In the past year, EGG has built up quite the fan base. Many people were even singing along as EGG played their original music, scattered with only a few covers. Their original music, written by the whole band, was definitely a hit.

Vaudeville Mews is located in Downtown Des Moines. It is a small bar venue that hosts many bands from all over. While they often host shows before 9 p.m., they close their doors to minors at that time.

The wall on the Facebook event page was full of people under the age of 21 disappointed that they couldn’t get in to this 21 and up show.

While they played lots of upbeat music at the bar setting of Vaudeville Mews, the band also often adapts to the acoustic setting of Mars Cafe. With the same songs in an acoustic version, Glavanovits explained that he likes it more when the band plays at Mars; it gives him a chance to play more with them.

Vaudeville Mews was Rachel Evans’s first EGG concert; she enjoyed it so much though that she planned on seeing them the following day at Mars Cafe.

In the past two years EGG has gone from three friends playing music in their spare time to five (sometimes six) friends playing all over Iowa. The band is playing almost every weekend in November, sometimes even twice a weekend.

If you want to get in on the action, check EGG out at its upcoming shows. The Concert For Hope will be on Friday, Nov. 5 at 11 p.m. on Pomerantz Stage. They will also play two acoustic shows at Mars Cafe, Nov. 13 and 20, both at 9 p.m., and will make an appearance at Zekes in Ames, Iowa on Nov. 19 at 8 p.m.

To keep up to date with the band’s up coming shows, and everything else EGG related, follow them on twitter @EGGtheband, and check out their website www.therealegg.com.

Photo: Rachel Evans


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  1. Aliza Rosenthal October 25, 2010

    The Concert for Hope is actually being held Thursday November 4, and EGG should be on around 9:30p!

    Congrats to your success, EGG!

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