Student presses assault charges against fellow student

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  1. Chris Nisbet says:


    Thank you for the article. In an attempt to preserve both the right of protection from libel per se and the integrity of James John Hoopes during the ongoing administrative and criminal investigation, I hope to clarify a few errors in the reported information.

    With regard to the arrest charges, Hoopes was arrested late Thursday morning on the charge of Assault – Wilful Injury. Bond was posted later that thursday afternoon.

    Hoopes and the victim lived in the same residential complex. They did not live together.

    Hoopes has not been removed from the fraternity. Hoopes has currently been placed on suspension by the fraternity while the investigation continues.

    In regards to the ongoing investigation by the university, the complaint report has already been taken seriously. Such seriousness is demonstrated by the indefinite suspension placed on Hoopes effective as of the morning of Wednesday the 22nd of September, prior to the completion of encompassing investigative measures, on the grounds that Hoopes presents an imminent threat and/or danger to the student body and faculty of the university.

    Thank you