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Local cinema puts classic twist on movie-going experience

One could easily make three stops in Des Moines in order to find a great drink, a great movie and great dessert – or you could just stop at the Fleur Cinema and Café.

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Newest “Maze” film

OPINION BY ERIC DEUTZ Boy, it’s tough to be a young adult in the world today. Jobs, money and the time to Instagram, Snapchat and Netflix as often as is required to keep up your 21st century image are all so hard to come by. Luckily, if there’s one place […]

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Style vs. Substance – Hollywood thrillers reviewed

STORY BY ERIC DEUTZ Another September week goes by, which means another week of catching up on the summer movies I missed as I patiently await for the award season to start. And oh, how difficult it is to be patient. I made it to two very different pieces of […]

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Edgerton’s latest production a gift to thrill seekers

Having established himself as both an actor and screenwriter, Joel Edgerton wears both those hats and one more – director – in his newest film, The Gift.

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Sitback, relax and enjoy the show: four local, must-visit theaters in Des Moines

Local theaters are looking forward to a profitable summer season this year and they attribute some of that to the audience coming to watch the Relays and later enjoy a flick.

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Behind the scenes: The making of Free Movie Friday

In a private interview, Free Movie Friday co-chairs Nicole Russell and Krista Peterson talked about the history of the event, potential growth in the future and what goes on behind the scenes to make it such a success with Drake students.

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Books to movies: Read it before you see it

“Yeah, the book was way better than the movie.” Admit it, it’s usually true. When it comes down to it, most of the movies we spend our hard earned minimum wage to see are adapted from books.

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Oscars recap and reactions

Considering that last year Ellen gave out pizza at the Oscars, Neil Patrick Harris had some big shoes to fill for his performance Sunday night.

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Fifty Shades whips up discussion over BDSM

Rihanna may have been on to something with her 2011 hit S&M, as erotica (more specifically in the form of E.L. James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey”) has all the talk surrounding it, especially with the release of the movie this last weekend. While many women have waited patiently to see the story come to life, much controversy has swirled around it through numerous articles and on social media.

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“Fifty shades” of great

Writer praises new film

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“And the Oscar goes to…” Nominees for Best Picture

The Oscars is a night of glamour, expensive outfits and a chance to honor the movies that caught everyone’s eyes over the past year.

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Unfair shots taken at Sniper movie

When I saw “American Sniper” on opening night, the theater full of people was left in silent respect when Chris Kyle’s two dates, his birth and death, rolled across the screen. The movie portrays the life of Kyle, a soldier who holds the American record for most sniper kills. Lately, however, I’ve been seeing articles online that bash this hero and his bravery, and I am astonished and angry at people’s lack of respect.

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Summer movies offer variety

Best blockbusters of summer 2014

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Spoiler Alert: Don’t vent on social media

Somehow, we need to judge when something has moved past the point of relevance.

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Netflix fun even during Relays

There is really only one true way to spice up your Relays experience: Netflix.

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