Easy bake (microwave): Try this simple cookie recipe

March 16, 2015 9:00 AM


COOKIES in a mug are easy to make in the microwave and taste delicious.  PHOTO BY SHELBY JENSEN | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

COOKIES in a mug are easy to make in the microwave and taste delicious. PHOTO BY SHELBY JENSEN | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

In the Feb. 24 issue, I tried out a strawberries and cream mug cake. It was not good. After that moment, I swore off desserts made in coffee cups forever.

Then I realized that there aren’t a whole lot of recipes for “dorm food” that are prepared in other ways. Mugs are unavoidable. So today, I decided to give them a chance and make a microwaved chocolate chip cookie… In a mug.

The recipe was one of the easiest baked (microwaved) goods I’ve ever encountered. No baking soda was necessary, and I was able to substitute oil for the egg (I was out). There was no mess because everything was mixed in the mug, plus I only had to dirty one measuring spoon. It took exactly one minute to cook, even in my low-wattage dorm microwave. This was nice because most things require a lot of extra time.

This was definitely an okay cookie. I was expecting something gooey, like a cookie cake or something, but it was just a crunchy cookie at the bottom of a coffee cup. It was ridiculously hot when it came out of the microwave. The cookie tasted pretty good, but it was nothing special. Really, what would you expect from a microwaved cookie? I ate about half of the huge amount I made, and then had a realization. The mug was good for something! I could put ice cream in there and it would be a warm cookie sundae. After I did that, the whole thing became much more exciting.

For those of you who were wondering, you can make a pretty good cookie in your microwave. I would recommend it before making a whole batch in an oven and eating all of them. Better, though, you can put ice cream on that cookie. That’s what really made this recipe worth it. I’m still not entirely convinced on the mug cake movement, but this was much better than I expected.


  • 1 Tablespoon Butter
  • 1 Tablespoon Granulated White Sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon of firmly packed Dark Brown Sugar
  • 3 Drops of Vanilla Extract
  • Small Pinch of Kosher Salt
  • 1 Egg Yolk (discard the egg white or save for different recipe)
  • Scant ¼ of All Purpose Flour (slightly less than ¼ of a cup)
  • 2 heaping tablespoons of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips


  • Start by melting your butter in the microwave. Butter should just be melted, not boiling.
  • Add sugars, vanilla and salt. Stir to combine.
  • Separate your egg and add the yolk only to your cup.
  • Stir to combine.
  • Add flour, then stir again.
  • Measure a scant, slightly
  • less than full, ¼ cup of
  • all-purpose flour.
  • Add chocolate chips, and give a final stir.
  • Now your mixture will look like cookie dough.
  • Cook in microwave 40-60 seconds. Start checking for completion at 40 seconds — mine takes 50 seconds.
  • Do not cook past one minute, just like a regular cookie, this will continue cooking as it cools.
  • If the cookie is dry or cake like, try cooking it for less time.
  • Serve warm.


Good intentions behind GMOs

6:00 AM


Kassy Chesire can be reached at kassandra.chesire@drake.edu or @kassychesire

Kassy Chesire can be reached at kassandra.chesire@drake.edu or @kassychesire

Imagine walking into a grocery store with a craving for some corn chips.

You stroll down the aisle and pick up a bag bearing neutral beige and brown packaging. In the corner, the bag boasts that its contents are all natural. It says it is made with no preservatives and containing no GMOs, or genetically modified organism.

Then, to your horror, you realize this bag of corn chips will cost you six dollars. If you’re anything like me, you would set the bag down in a heartbeat and decide that you would rather save up to buy some new shoes than shell out an arm and a leg to avoid GMOs.

What even is a GMO? And are GMOs as evil as society thinks they are?

There is a lot of criticism on both sides of the argument with regards to GMOs, but some of them might surprise you. (more…)

Speed limit should increase

March 15, 2015 3:00 PM


Michael Lopez can be reached at michael.lopez@drake.edu

Michael Lopez can be reached at michael.lopez@drake.edu

Iowa needs more freedom on the road. We need more room to move. Iowa needs more miles per hour on the interstate. Think of the difference it would make for drivers if Iowa added even just five miles to the speed limit.

Iowa should change the speed limit law and raise the interstate speed limit. This idea is currently making it’s way through Iowa congress.

Sen. Brad Zaun,  R-Urbandale, proposed a bill to increase the rural interstates’ maximum legal speed limit from 70 to 75 mph. The change will be applied to designated interstate highways deemed appropriate by state transportation officials. The law is currently in effect in 16 states.

Zaun said he hasn’t faced any resistance in raising the speed limit, but there are some concerns. Sen. Tod Bowman, D-Maquoketa, chairman of the Senate Transportation  Committee said, “I see many vehicles going 75 mph on Interstate 80. A lot of people say if you let them go 75 mph, they’ll be going 80.”

However Bowman is giving the proposition in raising the speed limit full consideration. (more…)

“Saturday Night Live” skit risky, but necessary

March 14, 2015 5:30 PM


Tim Webber can be reached at timothy.webber@drake.edu and @HelloTimWebber

Tim Webber can be reached at timothy.webber@drake.edu and @HelloTimWebber

Despite its innocent and perhaps endearing name, one sketch from last week’s “Saturday Night Live” has created a firestorm of controversy — pun mostly intended.

On the Saturday Night Live website, the sketch is titled “Father Daughter Ad,” a moniker which, while completely true, also represents about 5 percent of what’s actually involved in the clip.

If you haven’t seen it already, I urge you to go to your nearest computer or other video-streaming device and look it up immediately, mostly because I don’t want to ruin anything for you.

Consider this your spoiler alert. Go. Now. I’ll wait. (more…)

Encouraging preparation without discouraging liberal education

11:30 AM


As a journalism major, I don’t know everything about the magazine industry — I never will.

But thanks to the classes and experiences that Drake facilitates, my writing has improved, and I’ve furthered my editing ability.

Those are skills that pertain to my major, but I’ve also picked up a few pieces of information that aren’t journalism related.

Some professors, though, (and students for that matter) only expect me to know about journalism because that’s what’s printed on my transcript. (more…)

Bringing the East and West Coast fashion to the Midwest

9:00 AM



High fashion and trendsetting are often times categorized as a “coast specialty.” The East Coast and West Coast have all the style, while the Midwest gets left out.

Katelyn Herlein, avid fashion blogger and founder of Katalina Girl, is here to prove that you don’t have to be a New Yorker to have chic taste and a unique style. (more…)