Is social media socially hindering?

April 22, 2015 7:00 PM


Andrea Beck can be reached at

Andrea Beck can be reached at

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines social media as “forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages and other content.”

I used this definition as my official rules when I swore off social media for a week. (more…)

Haute mess: leggings with Sperry’s and other regrettable spring fashion decisions

April 20, 2015 3:00 PM


AS SEASONS merge, so do fashion styles. Don’t be caught donning a fashion faux pas.  PHOTO BY EMILY LAMBIE | STAFF  PHOTPHOTOGRAPHER

AS SEASONS merge, so do fashion styles. Don’t be caught donning a fashion faux pas. PHOTO BY EMILY LAMBIE | STAFF PHOTPHOTOGRAPHER

As winter melts into spring, I find myself wearing the weirdest outfits in public. Because any given day can either have a -30 degree wind chill or 80 degree weather with sunshine, deciding what to wear is impossible.

Sometimes, my outfits aren’t so bad — an oversized t-shirt, leggings, and Sperry’s.

Most of the time, however, I am just too lazy to even try to look pulled together and I end up going out in public in running shorts, a sweatshirt and Uggs.

I have a suspicion that I am not the only person who is making regrettable fashion decisions this spring. (more…)

Stupid furniture of Drake: awful, ugly and unnecessary

11:30 AM


Lights in Goodwin-Kirk:
The lights in the Goodwin-Kirk hallways are on the walls. They seem like a failed attempt to convince us we are all on a cruise ship. On dark days they cast an eerie glow roughly equivalent to a medieval dungeon

FURNITURE AROUND CAMPUS can be unnecessary and downright awkward to use. This writer highlights the stupidest furniture Drake has purchased around campus with student tuition dollars . PHOTOS BY JOEL VENZKE | PHOTO EDITOR

The display cases in Medbury Hall. PHOTO BY JOEL VENZKE | PHOTO EDITOR

Display cases in Medbury Hall:
Along the side of some of the Medbury classrooms are glass display cases. After a semester of looking at the items in them I have yet to figure out what they actually are. Sometimes I think they are aboriginal artifacts from somewhere in Africa. Other days I think they are fake Native American items. Whatever they are they are distracting. (more…)

Saving up to embrace your adventurous side well worth the money

April 13, 2015 1:15 PM


After arriving back in Des Moines from a 3200-mile road trip with my sorority sisters, best friends and soul sisters, I realized something — it is really important to spend your money, time and energy on making memories.  As a woman with a major shopping addiction, I tend to spend a majority of my paychecks on shoes. But last month, with spring break approaching, I stopped those major spending habits and starting saving – and I thank my stars I did so.

Spending my money on an amazing spring break was the best decision I have made in a while. There is something exhilarating and life altering about traveling via road trips. Being able to see every star in the night sky while eating smores in New Mexico is something you can’t beat, I promise. (more…)

Mall security measures should increase along with mall cop training

11:45 AM


Alex Prusa can be reached at

Alex Prusa can be reached at

The long hours continuously pacing the aisles of Spirit Halloween store would practically drive me insane.

Those Friday and Saturday night shifts left me with so much open time, I found myself analyzing the simplest of things that most people wouldn’t even notice.

But hey, I was 17-years old and any sort of income was valuable to me.

The weeks surrounding Halloween would drive the store traffic up dramatically, leading to high sales but also increasing theft.

Around these weeks my boss would contact the mall about bringing in one of the mall cops into the shop to keep a close watch.

This led me to meeting a great guy by the name of Barry.

Barry was assigned to our store to keep watch.

Along with Barry’s friendliness came some interesting physical attributes.  Barry was probably 5’8” and close to 320lbs.

The rare store patrols that he would take would leave his cheeks rosy and pockets of sweat in a variety of spots throughout his body.

We all enjoyed Barry’s presence around the store, but all of us including Barry, knew that if somebody decided to steal a costume from the store there wasn’t a chance that they would be caught.

That experience left me with a curiosity to pay attention to other mall’s cops.

Maybe I have looked in the wrong places, but I couldn’t help but notice a trend of a majority of the mall cops containing these same physical attributes that Barry had.

This left me with the ultimate question of: “Can these gentlemen really keep our malls secure?”

Malls have become a sought out target for violent attacks.  They have progressively become more common in the recent years.

This past year we have seen several mall shootings including the incident in Columbia, Maryland that caught much public attention.

With this being the case, our malls need top of the line security that can properly deal with violent situations like these.

Now the arguments claiming that mall cops go through a hiring process and training is correct.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, qualifications for hiring are met with a high school diploma and 48 hours of training within the first 100 days of service.

Are these qualifications enough?

I will agree that this training process should give these mall cops the skill set to deal with almost everyday shenanigans like arguments, pesty kids, shoplifting and the occasional fight.

But shouldn’t we always have that what-if question in our mind?  Like what-if an armed mentally unstable teenager comes walking into the mall with intent to harm people?

Now obviously I’m not implying that heavier qualifications for a mall cop are going to allow them to completely handle these situations.

What I’m saying is that they themselves, and everyone who attends shopping malls, deserve more of a chance towards safety if one of these devastating events breaks out.

This position needs heavier qualifications and job training because it is a job that involves the safety of the public.

Disparity of workplace attire seen in lacking women’s options

7:30 AM


Sarah Beth Coleman can be reached at

Sarah Beth Coleman can be reached at

We all know the scene from that one rom-com where that empowered female role model goes on a liberated and freeing shopping trip, powerwalking the mall court with bags filled with the latest fashion. I thought I would follow suit in preparation for an alternative spring break doing volunteering out east, but I wasn’t shopping for Dior or Gucci, I was looking for safety gear and equipment.

Perusing the aisles of Walmart with my mother in tow I found everything from travel supplies, to first aid, a quality flashlight, and good work gloves. The gender-neutral eye protection and hearing protect was easy to find, and fairly inexpensive.

All I needed now was a pair of steel, or composite, toed boots. I took to the Internet to find the best bang for my college buck, and found that I was out of luck. (more…)